Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Viral

An experiment (don't you love experiments?)

I'm trying out some new software for this blog called Snap Preview which opens a window when you hover your mouse pointer over hyperlinks.

My curiosity is twofold.

1. Does this make my blog more fun/easier to navigate/cooler/better? Or does it add to the page loading times, become quickly annoying, and not work on all browsers?

2. If you think it is cool, are you going to put it on your site? Especially since it's free and super easy to install?

How quickly do good ideas spread? Do you adopt them once you're aware of them? Or are you more cautious? What makes something a good idea?

Let me know what you think of Snap Preview, and why you installed it or why you didn't.

I wonder if, within a few weeks, the blogs I visit will have Snap ability, or if it won't spread virally and die a quiet death. And by "viral" I mean viral ideas that spread through word of mouth, not trojan worms that eat your hard drive.