Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Storm Front

Are you a faithful reader of this blog, but have yet to pick up one of my books?

Lance Storm insists that you change that behavior right now.

Lance is a pro wrestler who has a terrific Internet book club, which has featured many A-list mystery and thriller authors, including David Morrell, Lee Child, Janet Evanovich, F. Paul Wilson, among others.

The book club is interactive. Lance posts reader comments, and adds his own comments. The writer also gets to chip in.

For his first book of 2007, I'm honored that Lance has chosen Bloody Mary. Selected people who read the book and participate in the discussion can win free copies of Lance Storm DVDs and signed copies of my first novel, Whiskey Sour.

If you need more information, visit here:

In fact, you should visit there even if you have already read my books. Lance is promoting literacy and recommending genre books, which is good for the world in general and writers in particular. He does this simply out of respect for the written word, and receives no monetary compensation or reward for his efforts. This is one seriously cool guy.

I'm thrilled to be a part of his club, and I encourage everyone reading this to spread the word about Lance Storm. Link to him. Blog about him. Tell your friends and neighbors. So many people in this industry are takers. He's one of the givers. Show your support.