Monday, January 16, 2017

New Konrath Zombie Novel GRANDMA

Randall just wanted to have a fun summer vacation with his family, visiting Grandma at her cabin on a lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods.

Then everything went horribly wrong.

Join fifteen-year-old Randall, and his younger brother Josh, as they fight for their lives on the eve of an elderly undead apocalypse.

GRANDMA? - The Complete Novel
She won't bake you cookies...

Forget everything you've ever read about zombies. But that's probably impossible, because you know you've read a lot. So maybe just put aside your preconceptions, because this living dead epic will make you remember why you fell in love with this genre in the first place. Part scary, part funny, this is a living dead Armageddon like you've never seen before.

This book is over 60,000 words long. It also includes a Q&A with the authors on the creation of the novel.

Only $3.99 on Kindle!

Joe: So, after four years of writing, GRANDMA? - Attack of the Geriatric Zombies!: The Novel is finally available. $3.99 on Amazon Kindle. $9.99 for the paper version. How does it feel?

Talon: I feel exuberant.

Joe: What took so damn long?

Talon: Someone other than me in this blog post… Nah, I’m kidding. This was a grueling process. I lost track on how many times I rewrote this book. Being in high-school didn’t help much either.

Joe: So how much of this is you, and how much of this is your kind and tolerant father working his magic to make you look good?

Talon: The story, the plot, the characters and a lot of funny things are me. The wonderful, eye-pleasing writing is my father.

He also wrote a lot of funny things.

Joe: We're launching a blog called The Best Worst Movies Ever Blog, where we both make humorous comments about bad movies and try to convince more people need to watch them. A big part of the blog is Talon's 20 Second Review, where you post a YouTube video listing five reasons to see the movie.

What are five reasons, in twenty seconds or less, that people should read GRANDMA?

Talon: I'm glad you asked...

So what are you blog readers waiting for? Buy a copy!


William J. Thomas said...

Can't wait to read this, can't wait for the blog!


Looking forward to both the novel and the blog.