Friday, November 17, 2023

Konrath Thanksgiving - Black Friday - Cyber Monday Kindle Bundle Sale

Get all of my ebook box sets on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents each, November 23 - 28.


Almost my entire backlist of fifty-four ebooks--a normal retail value of $250--for less than $18!

Or if you have Kindle Unlimited, read them all for free!

I'm so excited by this sale that I'm using exclamation marks!

As a holiday bonus you can pick up two box sets from my frequent collaborator Ann Voss Peterson, also for just 99¢ each!

You can own 61 books--a whole year of reading--for less than the price of a single hardcover! Hurray exclamation points!

Ann and I write the Codename Chandler books together, as well as the Melinda DuChamp books. Harry McGlade and Jack Daniels appear in the Chandlers and the DuChamps, and they also make surprise appearances in Ann's box sets below. So if you're a completest (like me) you should check them out because you might be obsessed (like me) about reading everything.

Full disclosure: I do get a tiny affiliate commission if you buy these using the links below, which helps a little bit to offset the big drop in royalties since these are so cheap.

Grab what you need before the price goes back up. Have a happy shopping weekend. :)