Friday, December 06, 2013

Guest Post: Lois Lavrisa interviews I.M. Wright.

Writing is like sex. Editing is like scraping gunk off your shoes. Stay tuned for this and more when Lois Lavrisa interviews Ina Margaret Wright (I. M. Wright) in this blog post. And a huge shout out to Joe and Tess for the opportunity to contribute to a great cause.

Lois: Ina, thank you for being here with me today.

Ina:   Where are you? ‘Cause I’m sitting here in my kitchen in my housecoat and I don’t see you. Are you at the back door?

Lois:  I mean that figuratively.

Ina:   Okay then. If you were here I would put on another pot of coffee. Unless you are one of them crunchy, or is it crusty? Hippies who likes pretentious Frappuccino, or other crazy concoction, with soy and a squirt of some other health nut sounding thing like flax. Then you are out of luck. I’ve got Mr. Coffee, milk and sugar, plain and simple.

Lois:  Another time. So what made you write your first book?

Ina:   A dare by Joe. He may have thought that not many writers would take him up on it, but a ton did. Just goes to show how authors are quite competitive. We like winning stuff. You know I have a 4-H blue ribbon for hog calling?

Lois:  Congratulations.

Ina:   Did Joe say he was giving out prizes for us winners?

Lois:  He graciously mentioned each book on his post.

Ina:   Nice guy. Great author too. I think I was his first fan. Do you think he’d remember me? By the way I have a fan, and when it gets really hot I blast it directly in my face. You’d think I’d be over the hot flashes at my age, but no.

Lois:  Back to your writing.

Ina:   Yes that. To me writing is like sex, sometimes it works great and other times it weird and awkward and you say to yourself, “What the hell was that?”

Lois:  What is your process?

Ina:   Well, the hubby takes out the trash- after all of these years of marriage I consider that foreplay and then I go into the bedroom---

Lois:  I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I wanted to know about your writing process not---

Ina:   Oh? Right. Okay then. If you ever want some advice in the, you know, boudoir, just let me know. Fine. So you want to know about my writing. Well, I write a lot of stuff then I have to go back and scrape a bunch of the gunk away.

Lois: Edit?

Ina:   Sure you can call it that. Like if you get something stuck on the bottom of your shoe, you have to dig at it, or toss the shoe if it’s hopeless. Editing is like that.

Lois: Sorry Ina. We are out of time. Thanks for being here with me.

Ina: Even though I am not really with you, thanks for having me too. Let me know if you ever need any advice, I am full of it.

Lois: You definitely are.
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Unknown said...

I am book reader. You can say me book bug. I never spend any night without book reading and my night coffee.

Kopi Luwak

hollis shiloh said...

This was very cute! :)

Anne Marie Novark said...

Best. Interview. Almost Ever!!!

Yes, very cute. :)

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Sam Peterson said...

This was funny, but had nothing substantial about it. When it got to the part about editing it was over. Please don't let your blog hop off the rails, Joe. It's one of three primary sources of inspiration for me, and I'm sure many other people as well. I refresh your page every day as soon as I get to work in hopes of a new post, but then I got this one and was sad.

Colin M said...


What are the other two sites?

McVickers said...

Was there supposed to be another half of this article? I kept reading because I thought it was going to be about editing, but when it got there, it just ... stopped? Weird.

Sam Peterson said...

@Colin M: The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn) and The Dead Robot Society Podcast (for an adult audience of writers).

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I wrote this as a fun, tongue in cheek piece of me interviewing my alter ego Ina. It was meant for (I hope) entertainment.