Thursday, February 07, 2013

Under New Management 2

I have self-published my Timecaster science fiction novels, as well as my Jack Kilborn series.

They are priced on Amazon Kindle at $3.99 each, and the trilogy compilation is $9.99. They will soon be available on other ebook platforms, as well as in print.

Here are the covers and links.

Now here's a fun clip of one of my favorite songs from my youth, covered by the Donots. Love the visuals.

We're Not Gonna Take It. :)


Suzan Harden said...

ROFL We're Not Gonna Take It has been on my indie publishing playlist for the last two years.

Two thumbs up!

Darlene Underdahl said...

Thanks for the heads-up, although I think I’ve purchased most of them already.

Your characters are badass but funny; a delicious combination.

David L. Shutter said...


Congrat's on the rights reversion. I would ask, but you adressed it in the other thread.

On a side note, play the Donots cover (awesome BTW, have heard it before and wondered who it was) then scroll down and play the Mifune badass-ness with the song still playing.

Makes for a pretty cool, and suprisingly well sequenced, music video.

Petrea Burchard said...

Excellent news. Congratulations.

Alan Spade said...

Endurance is free today on Amazon's Kindle Store, so I can see why one can't find it on Kobo for instance.

On another note, what a wonderful world where an indie author can make more on his own than an edited one... Of course, it is not us versus them. But yes, a dream come true.

DWH said...

You have earned your success many times over. You haven't been blogging for many months and I am kind of happy about that actually. I know what you are doing instead.

A lot of people out here wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...


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