Monday, February 04, 2013

Cover Art Blowout

I've been busy as anything lately, and am still busy, but I'll get back to blogging soon, and also have some guest posts.

In the meantime, my cover artist is having a sale on pre-done covers. They're hot, and he has about 15 of them left.

He's charging $200 each, which is a steal. You supply your name, title, and tagline, he sends you the finished cover immediately after payment.

Act fast before they're gone.


Your Name said...

Wow, my book's title is "Your Title", and my name is already "Your Name", so they're perfect!

Rob said...

If I had 200 bucks to shell out, I would go for cover 079. Really creepy. Those virus-gone-wrong books have a way of really getting under the skin. Would like to write one of those one day.

Kelly Robinson said...

One of those is soooo close to right for a project of mine. The chick-with gun looks fantastic, but the cityscape doesn't work. Alas. The prices are a steal.

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