Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Afraid Tour Part 2

I'm currently in Atlanta, heading to Florida as soon as I finish writing this.

Here are the stores with signed Kilborn and Konrath books:

Waldenbooks Outer Loop Louisville KY

Walden Shelbyville Louisville KY

B&N Hurstbourne Louisville KY

B&N The Summit Louisville KY

Borders 4th St. Louisville KY

Borders Shelbyville Louisville KY

Borders Hurstbourne Louisville KY

Borders Bardstown Louisville KY

B&N Elizabethtown KY

B&N Bowling Green KY

B&N Opry Mills Nashville TN

B&N Brentwood TN

Davis Kidd Nashville TN

Borders Nashville TN

Borders Brentwood TN

Borders Franklin TN

Borders Ponce de Leon Atlanta GA

Borders Brookwood Atlanta GA

Borders Buckhead Atlanta GA

Borders Parkway Pointe Atlanta GA

B&N Alpharetta GA

B&N West Cobb Marietta GA

B&N Barrett Pkwy Marietta GA

B&N Georgia Tech GA

B&N Edgewood Atlanta GA

B&N Buckhead Atlanta GA

B&N East Point GA

B&N Cumberland Atlanta GA

B&N Perimeter Atlanta GA

B&N Morrow GA

B&N Norcross GA

Borders Northlake Mall Atlanta GA

Borders Dunwoody GA

Borders Marietta GA

Borders Douglasville GA

Borders Kennesaw GA

Walden Kennesaw GA

Walden Aplharetta GA

That brings my total up to 94 stores so far. I'll roll up a few more today.

Big thanks to William Berger (and his wife) for allowing me to stay in their lovely home. Bill has the most impressive book collection I've ever seen. As I write this, I'm tempted to empty out my suitcase and fill it with signed first editions...

To answer a previous question, booksellers have only asked to see ID when I come into a store on three or four occassions out of the thousands of stores I've dropped in. I usually travel with books and coasters, which proves who I am. Once or twice I actually did show an ID. If someone asks for Jack Kilborn ID, I'll simply tell them: "If I were lying to sign some books don't you think I'd pretend to be someone more famous?"

On to FL. I have limited email access, so I won't be able to fully respond for a few days.

As for my reaction to the tour; so far, so good. :)


Robyn Heirtzler said...

Sounds like a great tour. Ever plan on making it out to Utah? By the way, I got the copy of "Bloody Mary" in the mail yesterday and have already dug in. I've laughed out loud several times, reading aloud to people around me. That resulted in sideways glances and a few chuckles, oh and quotes back to me later last night. Thanks!

jane, candd said...

You have made some serious miles since the dog waved goodbye. I saw your (signed) books stacked up in a prominent display today at the local B&N -- further testament to the success of the tour. Safe travels, and thanks!