Sunday, April 26, 2009

Afraid Tour Day 10

It's official. I've never been more tired than I am right now.

This is the tenth day of the Afraid Tour, and I've visited 115 bookstores and signed 843 books, not counting the freebies I've been giving away.

The tour stopped in Orlando for three days when I attended the Romantic Times Convention. It's a great con, and I'll post more on it later.

Special thanks to my publisher, Grand Central, for not only making AFRAID available in the goodie room, but also treating me to a nice meal, which I had to skip out early on to meet with some reviewers.

I'd put in the locations of the recent stores I've visited, but I can't keep my eyes open. All I can say right now is this is an effective, if exhausting, way to tour.

More later...


Jeff Strand said...

Sleep well, butterfly. Great seeing you again!

Mary Stella said...

I feel your tiredness. I had to call friends to keep me awake while driving home yesterday.

This did not stop me from starting Afraid. What a twisted book. I'm loving it.

*looks at comments* Hi, Jeff. Nice sitting next to you at the Wednesday signing.

Karen from Mentor said...

Poor Joe,
Remember to pull off the road if your eyes keep closing.

If you nap in the car you can hang a sign around your neck that reads:

"Not dead....just on a book tour...but it's a fine line."

AFRAID was sold out yesterday at two book stores in Mentor.

Hope you got some rest!!
Karen :)

Jeff Strand said...

Dude, wouldn't it be wacky if I posted a comment on your blog when you're right here in my house? This Internet thing has gone too far!