Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where's Konrath? Blog Tour Day #29

To promote my horror novel, AFRAID, which debuts March 31, I'm uploading my eight second Beautiful Agony video. Ha! Kidding! I'm appearing on different blogs every day in March.

Please follow my daily journey, and broaden your blog-reading horizons. Commenting on the guest posts at the blogs I visit is a classy touch, too.

At One Writer's Journey, I talk about low cost and free marketing techniques:

I'm giving away books at Alison Kent's blog, if you reveal the scariest thing you ever read:

Then I stop by Amy Alessio's blog and post a recipe. Yep, my favorite desert recipe. Hell yeah I can bake:

Jude Hardin reviews Afraid:

Only two days left for the blog tour, but there are still a few fun surprises left. Stay tuned.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!
I'm going to make that Gooey Butter Cake recipe soon, too. It looks divine.

Karen from Mentor said...


Is your mom baking the cake in the same kitchen you were interviewed by Dan Rather about your moon shot?

Loved the cake recipe.
39 is a good year. Enjoy it!

Karen from Mentor said...

btw Joe, viewing that early video of you flying your car to the moon is the reason I feel comfortable wandering around the blog tour calling you Joe and not Mr. Konrath. :)

It was a lot like looking at the wizard behind the curtain. The wizard being the author and teacher, the dude in the video being the man who gives his dog a bath and doesn't sort the laundry.(so he says) LOL

I just told Alexandra Sokoloff that I still have trouble even calling her something other than Ms. Sokoloff, let alone Alex.

But I'll get there. You're both awesome teachers and so very generous with your time.
Good kharma. What do you want to come back as next time around?
Karen :)

@ anyone who's wondering what the heck I'm talking about, there are videos posted at the JA Konrath main page

Michelle Muto said...

Birthday cake! You've got to love birthday cake. Especially if Joe's sharing. :-)