Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where's Konrath? Blog Tour Day #1

To promote my horror novel, AFRAID, which debuts March 31, I'm appearing on a different blog every single day in March.

Please follow my daily journey, broaden your blog-reading horizons, and let me and my fellow bloggers know if this is working for you or not by chiming in with comments.

Today I'm visiting Robert Swartwood, discussing horror novels.

Read all about it here :


Linda J. Hutchinson said...

Hi Joe,

Send me the schedule for your blog tour and I'll post it at (I'm on your friends list at MS, and a former team member at TWC.)

indajhutchinson dot com
linda at lindajhutchinson dot com

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Joe. At a time when a lot of people are talking about quitting writing, it's refreshing to see you haven't lost any of your trademark enthusiasm.

Bobby Mangahas said...

I'll be following this one Joe. Good luck with it.

Craven said...

I first heard about AFRAID on an agent's blog. Her husband was devouring it and wouldn't turn the lights out. She asked if it was any good, and he nodded. She asked if it was scary, his eyes got big and he nodded aagin. At the time she was waiting her turn. And now I am. I'll get my copy when the paperback comes out later this month.

There is already a buzz going going out there in blog land.

Anonymous said...


I read the first 36 pages and it scared the bejeebers out of me. I have three dogs to protect me and I still went down and locked the basement door.
I also checked out the release date.

pretty darn scary. And I live in the woods too.