Friday, August 18, 2006

Tour Day 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48

Miles driven so far: 9150
Bookstores visited so far: 466
Books signed so far: 3706
Books hand sold so far: 198
Bookstores remaining: 34
Booksellers met so far: 833
Coasters signed on tour: 8950
Coasters signed this year: 17988
Coasters signed since Whiskey Sour debuted: 28000
Rough estimate of books signed since Whiskey Sour debuted: 13500

Though I didn't start the driving part of the tour until July 5, I began this tour June 29 at Thrillerfest, so technically I've been on tour for 52 days now.

That's a long time for an author to tour.

If all goes well, I'll reach my goal of 500 in Tampa on Saturday, then hit a few dozen extra stores driving home from Florida, and close to a hundred more in Chicago and Wisconsin.

September brings the Midwest Literary Festival, Bouchercon, and a mini tour of Michigan with author David Ellis to coincide with a book festival in Grand Haven.

I was tired four weeks ago. Now I'm flat-out exhausted. But my spirits remain high, in a large part thanks to other authors who are meeting me on the road.

In the last few days I have enjoyed the hospitality of Bob Morris, author of Jamaica Me Dead, James O. Born, author of Escape Clause, and PJ Parrish, author of An Unquiet Grave. Not only did these authors welcome me into their homes, each also cooked me dinner; shrimp and grits, garlic chicken, and homemade spaghetti, respectively. Bob's was excellent, as was Kris Montee's. Jim is still trying to convince me that what I ate was, indeed, chicken. But the potatoes weren't bad---assuming they were actually potatoes. Actually, they were pretty bad. I think he seasoned them with sand. I enjoy his books--they're gritty. Unfortunately, so is his cooking. Jim does have a really nice house, though.

I also got to meet the bundle of positive energy that is Barbara Parker (author of The Perfect Fake), and hung out with the always wonderful Christine Kling (author of Bitter End.)

Thanks to Barry Eisler as well. Even though he finished his own exhausting 60 day/320 bookstore tour a few weeks ago, Barry has kept in touch with me while I'm on the road, which has saved me several times from falling asleep behind the wheel of the Rustymobile and dying in a buring, bleeding, screaming explosion of hot asphalt death and signed coasters.

I also was treated to a free night in an apartment, thanks to fan Terrie Moran. She read about my tour, and graciously allowed me to stay in her home in Delray Beach while she was in New York. Thanks, Terrie!

I'm getting worried that my acknowledgements page in Dirty Martini will be longer than the actual book.

Speaking of Dirty Martinis...

Coming Summer 2007.

The art department at Hyperion continues to amaze me with their brilliance. I LOVE this cover.

And if you're looking for current autographed JA Konrath titles, visit one of the following fine literary establishments:

Murder On The Beach, Delray Beach FL

Borders Aventura FL

BN Aventura FL

BN Pembroke Pines FL

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Borders Jacksonville FL

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Borders Sandford FL

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BN Daytona Beach FL

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Borders Coral Springs FL

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Borders Ft. Lauderdale FL

BN West Palm Beach FL

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Walden Coral Springs FL

BAM Deerfeild Beach FL

Walden Wellington FL

Back to the road...


Maria said...

I think you're confusing the potatoes and the grits. Or maybe Jim did. :>)

Anonymous said...

I see. I sleep with your signed WHISKEY SOUR coaster under my pillow and you give ME a FAKE phone number… and then you give the elusive Barry Eisler your REAL cell number--you're just another Chi-town punk, ain't ya? Ain't ya? Now go home and write me another pretty novel…

That is a great cover, BTW. Would make a nice poster. Or pillow case. Yeah, baby.

Anonymous said...

oooh that is a smokin cover.

Peggy Payne said...

Coasters are such a good promotional idea. A natural for your book. I never saw that one done before.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

I love this cover, too! My favorite so far!!

Congratulations on the success of your tour, looks like you'll far exceed your goal of 500 stores.

Gotta admit, I'm feeling a little guilty that I let YOU buy ME lunch in Arizona!! How about I make it up to you on your Dirty Martini tour? My writing's not as gritty as Bob's, and neither are my potatoes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, glad I could help. You are the best houseguest ever. Except for a wet washcloth and a damp towel, I would never have known you were there.

Saturday afternoon my grandkids and I will be tossing homemade confetti in the air in honor of the 500th store. (Which sort of explains why my living room looks like a toy/arts and crafts store!)

Thanks for the goodies. Much appreciated. Terrie Moran

PJ Parrish said...


You left your vaginal cream at my place. Hope you don't mind, but I threw out the toothbrush.

Bernita said...

No wonder you love the cover.
it's brilliant.

JuliaMazal said...

great cover!