Friday, May 12, 2006

2006 Genny Award Winner!

The observant among you may have noticed a new award in my sidebar.

The 2006 Genny Awards for Best Blog have been announced, and I'm a winner!

My attitude toward awards is well known--I'm honored to be nominated, and happy to get them, but I don't think they do much.

However, some people think they are a big deal, even if they've never heard of the award before.

That's why, twenty minutes ago using Photoshop, I created the Genny Awards. (Genny stands for disingenuous.)

Naturally, I gave myself the first award.

The judging was tough, and there was probably some stiff competition, but the outcome was never in question.

I'd like to thank myself, for winning, and for creating the Genny's. I'd also like to thank you, my faithful blog readers, for not voting for me, because there is no voting for the Genny's. Anyone who wants one, gets one.

In fact, you all deserve a Genny Award for Best Blog of 2006.

If you want a Genny, feel free to steal the Genny image, and you too can be a Genny winner. I'm easy that way.

Let me know you're a winner by posting a response to this blog and placing the image on your website.

If enough people win, I'll make a fake website that you can also link to.

Congratulations all 2006 Genny winners!


Adam Hurtubise said...

I win! I win! I win!


James Lincoln Warren said...

You're nobody until you win an Annual Kilgore Trout Award for Hack Achievement.

If you don't know what that is, see

Our standards at PHARTS are much stricter than yours. For ours, you have to bribe the judges.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Okay, I win as soon as I can figure out how to upload the graphic!

Mark Pettus said...

This is pretty funny - especially since the idea of creating your own awards is so unoriginal. Isn't the internet (I refuse to capitalize that word) great.

I don't know about Gennnys or PHARTS, but Mr. Warren deserves an award for that truly outstanding moustache.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

LOL! Didn't I read this advice somewhere? Except it was about a writer trying to invent credits. "My story won the 1st Annual Honolulu Fiction Award!" Then you print a certificate and give it to yourself.

Nah, maybe not. But I like the idea of a blog award!

JA Konrath said...

Everybody wins!

The link is:

a href=""

JA Konrath said...

You need to bracket that entire string with < > and drop it into your template at the sidebar.

s.w. vaughn said...

Sweet! I won a Genny award! :-)

Now if I can only figure out where to drop that pretty little code.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, the technologically ungifted one figured out how to get the graphic up AND link it to JA's post!

I'm so proud, I feel like I actually do deserve a reward. I'm going for a drink.

jill terry said...

Thanks for the Major Award, I'll display it proudly!


Stacie Penney said...

Sweet! I'm stoked to post it on Monday!

Mindy Tarquini said...

I won. But I always knew I would.

JA Konrath said...

This is humbling. Who won in 2005?

You did! Congrats!

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I was just honored to be nominated, Joe. Thanks. I think just the nomination alone will bring a number of people to my blog --

-- and most importantly, I won't be stuck with the winner's curse.

Wesley Smith said...

Obviously, this is just a joke, but this is exactly the kind of thing that some writers try to do to stuff their credits in order to impress agents and editors.

Bernita said...

Wonder how many will now try that very thing?

James Goodman said...

Lol, my award is officially displayed. :D

Unknown said...

While it's an honor just to be nominated, I'm sure glad I won!

Come visit my Genny Award-winning blog at

Jaye Wells said...

You like me, you really like me!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. I didn't prepare anything. I thought Secret Dead Blog would win. I'm at a loss.

Anonymous said...

I'm a winner!