Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not Enough Time in the Day

It's finally happened. I've reached the saturation point. I officially can't keep up with everything.

I've been wrestling with a really big trojan (the virus kind, you dirty bird), and got a few days behind in my computer stuff.

Here's my to do list:
  • Answering 362 emails
  • Visiting my Message Board
  • Updating my wesbite
  • Updating my events calender
  • Making Bloody Mary coasters
  • Finalizing content for the Library Promotion
  • Rewriting an older novel to submit under a pseudonym
  • Creating a Flash website and a promo campaign for above pseudonym
  • Judging a Writer's Digest short story contest
  • Judging the contests I'm holding on my website
  • Working on a children's book with an illustrator friend
  • Catching up on 8 blurbs I've promised people
  • Teaching a writing class at the local college
  • Reading 23 stories/novel excerpts from people who want my opinion
  • Working on two new short stories
  • Going to seven events in the next ten days

I'm not complaining at all--I just wish there was a way to clone myself so I can catch up.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you Joe. All I had to do was teach school today (high school) and cook dinner. That was enough to make me whine.

Don't burn out. We need your books.

Jim Winter said...

"I've been wrestling with a really big trojan"

That sounds like a Stephen Rodgers opening for a short.

Anonymous said...

Bet your clone would just encourage you to take on twice the workload.

Mary Louisa said...

Not to add to your list or anything, but I'm interested in this item:

Rewriting an older novel to submit under a pseudonym

When you get caught up (haha), can you explain your motivation to publish under another name? I'm a publishing outsider (so far...) and am curious as to why authors would want/need do this.

Robert McClelland said...

Hire a part time assistant, tightwad. ;-)
Better yet, find some gullible. . .er, I mean enthusiastic writer in training who won't ask for any compensation other than basking in your presence to help you out.

JA Konrath said...

Re: Rewriting an older novel to submit under a pseudonym...

I'm not allowed to use "JA Konrath" to publish anything while under contract with Hyperion.

Hyperion wants to build my name-recognition a book a year, and doesn't want me to release any other books that would compete with that, dilute the brand name, exploit the brand name, or tarnish the brand name with a product they didn't approve of.

It's a standard contract clause.

By going under a pseudonym, I'm building an entirely new brand.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the world is ready for two Joe Konraths ;-)