Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Massive Website Update

I've been neglecting my website for my blog, so today I did a really big update. Some of the new stuff includes:
  • New writing tips
  • New marketing tips
  • Updated appearances
  • New pictures
  • New downloads
  • New links
  • Uncut article After the Book Comes Out (the follow up to After the Big Sale)
  • Uncut tour journal
  • Updated content on the Super Secret page

What? You don't know what the Super Secret page is? This is a hidden webpage on my site that has cool free stuff, scandalous content, and several surprises. Instructions on how to find it are on my homepage, www.jakonrath.com.

Only a few people have found the page, though some did so by cheating. I fixed it so cheating isn't possible any longer, and it's no longer at the same place it was before.

If you find it, email me, and I'll send you something cool for free.