Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More On Kindle Worlds

Ann Voss Peterson says:  Almost exactly two months ago, Joe and Amazon launched the Jack Daniels and Associates Kindle World. There are currently 43 stories, and it's been fun to watch that list grow and see all the great reviews piling up.

Watching Joe's project unfold has been especially exciting for me, since Joe and I have also been working with Amazon on a second Kindle World. And now Joe has been nice enough to let me announce that this week is the official launch for the new Codename: Chandler Kindle World!

When Joe first approached me about collaborating on this crazy, over-the-top, action-packed spy thriller series, I was a little intimidated. I'd written romantic thrillers previously and loved writing and reading fast-paced stories. But Codename: Chandler isn't your usual thriller. It's what I like to call an action movie in book form. It is non-stop and bigger-than-life in every way imaginable.

And let me tell you, writing Chandler is a blast!

Just as with the Jack Daniels and Associates World, The Codename: Chandler World is a little different from other Kindle Worlds (as of this writing), because authors who write Codename: Chandler can keep the rights to characters they create. This means is your character can team up with Chandler (or one of the other CC characters) or fight her, or have sex with her, anything you want to imagine!

Joe explains in more depth in this blog post. But here's the TL;DL version:

Joe sez: The takeaway here is that writers can do cross-overs and mash-ups, which is a fun way to cross-pollinate fans, and could never be done before in KW.

I encourage everyone reading this to check out the Codename: Chandler launch stories. Simply click on the title under the cover art below.

In the upcoming weeks, many of these authors will share their experience on this blog. As far as experiments go, this one is pretty big. It has never been done before, and we're in uncharted waters. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

And if you're interested in writing in the Jack Daniels and Associates Kindle World, or the Codename: Chandler Kindle World, you can. You don't need my or Ann's permission or help. You don't even need to tell us. You can do it entirely on your own. It's easy, and you keep half the royalties. All you have to do is follow the Codename:Chandler guidelines. So check those out, check these out, and mix your characters with ours.

Looking forward to seeing some cool stories!

Here's the list of titles so far:

Her codename is Chandler. She's a spy for a secret government agency. Trained to be the best of the best, no man is her equal. 

That is, until she meets Repairman Jack. 

Travelling to the Big Apple, Chandler isn't told what her mission is. Only that it's a big one. Forced to scavenge for weapons, she meets up with New York's #1 vigilante, and sparks fly. 

But Jack and Chandler have more to deal with than each other. When a blackmail scheme turns into a terrorist plot, it will take their combined efforts to save the city. 

Or die trying. 

Iconic Codename Chandler meets Texas transplant Samantha (Sam) Lacroix at a high school under siege in Chicago. 

Action and interaction boil and overflow over each other in this fast paced, witty encounter between two experienced crime fighters. 

Having to deal with four kids (teens and younger) caught in the cross-fire, is just a bonus.

She's an elite spy, working for an agency so secret only three people know it exists. Trained by the best of the best, she has honed her body, her instincts, and her intellect to become the perfect weapon. 

A deadly parasite has infected several people in the city of Chicago. But they were only the test subjects; a psychopath's experiment before unveiling his real plan. 

Chandler's mission is simple: execute the CDC researcher who released the parasite before he unleashes it upon the entire city, and possibly the world. 

But things are not as they seem, and the mission does not go as planned. 

Hang on tight. Things are about to get deadly.

Rick Ryker is a courier. He will deliver anything, anywhere, no questions asked. He has never failed to deliver his package. Until now. 

Chandler is a government assassin. She will kill anyone, anywhere, no questions asked. She has never failed to take out her target. Until now. 

Ryker isn’t supposed to open the package. Chandler is supposed to destroy the package. They both go against orders…and their decisions set in motion a game they have no choice but to play. A game where the world is the playing board and the stakes are everyone on it. Ryker and Chandler don’t like to play by the rules, but if they get caught cheating, the consequences will be disastrous. 

FATE is a Codename: Chandler novella that takes place between EXPOSED and NAUGHTY.

What happens when Chandler is sent to the grim city of DenMark in Upstate New York to kill a man? She winds up running for her life from a secret society named The Mannerbund Group. Like Hydra Mannerbund is an ultra secret group that creates atrocities throughout the world. Unfortunately for Chandler Mannerbund has one small snag - OzValt Grant. 

OzValt Grant, former Sniper, former homicide detective of the Fifth Precinct for the city of DenMark is one of a kind. He has one foot in stopping all the evil at work in DenMark created by the sinister covert Mannerbund Group/ They want him dead. When Chandler gets shot wandering down an alley in Grant's vicinity what happens? THEY RUN LIKE MAD. 

This is the first story in a trilogy following the evolution of the relationship between assassin Chandler and jack of all traits, OzValt Grant.

Unstoppable Agent

An ultra-covert organization has taken up a contract for a nigh-unkillable madman who masquerades as a philanthropist. When elite spy Chandler has the target in her sights, success lays just one squeeze of the trigger away . . . or so she believes. Instead of her mission ending, things are about to take a weird twist.

Unsuspecting Bookworm

Venkat has been dreaming of becoming a field agent for the Malleus Librum Society, a secretive organization dedicated to recovering ancient grimoires. That dream has just come true, but at a sanity-threatening price. Shadowed by a fast talking mentor with a supernatural secret, Venkat must retrieve De Vermis Mysteriis, a five-hundred-year old black magic spell book penned by a necromancer.

Unspeakable Evil

In addition to vast wealth and unsavory criminal resources, the megalomaniacal Jeeves Peabody has access to otherworldly allegiances and horrifying allies. He is a formidable opponent, one neither Chandler nor Venkat can succeed against alone.

Unlikely Allies

Two women from wildly different worlds must band together against this common foe. Their chances are slim. Even working together, how can an elite superspy and a magically-minded librarian triumph over a villain aligned with the forces of soul-crushing doom?

Unknown Threats

In a world teeming with mystic and mundane dangers, ignorance is no defense, but even a little knowledge can be deadly . . . The only way to survive is to amass enough

Scary Intel

Chandler, one of three surviving identical septuplets all trained as government assassins, is determined to leave her old life far behind. Finally feeling at home in the country of Panama as a grade school English teacher, her sisters find her and she is forced to choose between running or staying to fight for her new life. 

STAY takes place after the events in THREE by J.A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson and continues the thrilling adventures of Chandler in an exciting new Kindle Worlds story. STAY also introduces Melissa Stone into the Codename: Chandler world. To see more electrifying adventures with Melissa, be sure to check out Steve DeWinter’s Peacekeepers X-Alpha series.

His codename is Heathcliff. He's an assassin for a secret government agency. Trained to be the best of the best, Heath has only two flaws; his insatiable thirst for revenge, and the inability to resist a beautiful woman. 

Crusading lawyer Charlize Street is determined to be one of the good guys. In a city like Detroit, justice is hard to come by, especially in the halls of power. So when a senator known for doing good deeds is smeared with criminal allegations, Charlie is determined to clear his name. But she isn't prepared to handle the senator's sexy bodyguard, a man who exudes both charm... and danger. 

Once Charlie starts looking into the case, she finds herself with a target on her back. But she's not alone. Heath insists on helping her, although she can sense he has his own agenda. Soon the heat is coming from more than just the people who want to stop her. And she wonders if there is anyone in the Motor City she can truly trust. 

STREET is the prequel to DETROIT RULES, book one in Linda Style's new STREET LAW series.

She's an elite assassin and spy. The ultimate weapon. Her mind, body and instincts have been trained to perfection. 

Codename: Chandler 

A mercenary is preying on Chicago’s citizens – and he has help from one of Chandler’s fellow assassins. 

Chandler teams with David Garrett, an MMA fighter and spy, to track down and terminate these killers even as another mortal enemy watches from the shadows. 

RESCUE by J.A. Konrath (coming soon)

Her codename is Hammett. She assassinates targets for a secret government agency.

But sometimes work becomes personal.

His name is Tequila. He's a leg breaker for the mob, currently retired. 

But sometimes retirement doesn't stick.

They say that no one knows what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. 

They also say that bad attracts bad.

Hammett and Tequila are about to find out if those old sayings are true.

Four more stories have also been added to the Jack Daniels & Associates Kindle World:

Someone is killing random people in New York and Chicago. 

The blood of innocence have been spilled, or are they innocent... 

When a serial killer case comes to Chicago Detective Herb Benedict is stumped. Several dead but with no correlation except that the ballistic tests have come back positive for the same suppressor used with different calibers in Chicago and New York. Damn! It is a serial case. Herb contacts his old friend and former partner Jack Daniels for her professional opinion, but Jack is up to her eye balls in baby duty - literally. 

Checking the NCIC database Jack finds out that the serial killer has left several dead in New York State, most recently in a small city named DenMark. Jack knows DenMark well, especially one of it's former boys in blue, OzValt Grant. Against her better judgment Jack contacts the DenMark Fifth Precinct inquiring about the serial killer connection as well as Grants current whereabouts. 

It doesn't take long for the bullets and blood to fly once Jack and OzValt Grant hook up. 

Sleeper Towers Fall is the first volume of another explosive Jack Daniels/OzValt Grant trilogy. 

Lately, private detective, Harry McGlade has had a lot of free time on his hands since a few questionable photos of him in bondage ended up on social media. Things change when a woman with a problem and a last resort knocks on McGlade's door. 

Abby Leray is out of options. Her sister disappeared six months ago after signing a contract to wrestle in Mexico for the wrestling organization Lucha Doom. Fearing that Francis was sold into sex slavery, Abby turns to McGlade to bring her sister home. To do so, McGlade must infiltrate the underbelly of Lucha Doom where wrestling may just be a front for something much bigger. 

Harry McGlade is a character who appears in J.A. Konrath's Jack Daniels's series. Jack makes a cameo in LUCHA DOOM. 

LUCHA DOOM is an 11,000 word novella filled with humor, violence, mystery, and several scenes that will make you say, "That's just wrong." 

You've been warned. 

Toronto police Inspector Bill Roberts is called to the scene when mutilated remains of a body are found in a dumpster. He soon discovers a connection between the body and a series of unsolved reports of missing people in the City of Toronto. 

Six months after Lt. Jack Daniels of the Chicago police is almost blown up in Toronto, she returns to get an award for her help in catching a hit man. While she is there, she begins to suspect her partner Herb may have joined the ranks of Toronto's growing list of the missing, and insists on taking part in the investigation. Jack joins forces with Inspector Bill Roberts in a race to discover the disturbing cause of the disappearances before Herb becomes the next victim. 

With guest appearances by Jack's former partner, Harry McGlade, and by Jack's cat, Mr. Friskers, this story will keep you flipping pages non-stop until the end. 

This novel is approximately 240 pages, and ties in the Jack Daniels characters of author J.A. Konrath, and the Bill Roberts characters of author Silas Payton. If you like either of these authors on their own, you'll love this story bringing their two worlds together. 

Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack Daniels" of Chicago's Violent Crime Unit has faced serial killers, terrorists and assassins. With a quarter of Chicago's police force sidelined with the flu, Jack finds herself doing double duty arresting drunks. That is, until she gets that phone call no one wants to get. 

Gil DiMauro was a friend of Jack's. When Gil’s beaten, bloody corpse is pulled from the river, she vows to find the killer. 

Only, things aren't what they seem. 

Murder, blackmail, revenge and insurance fraud all figure into a conspiracy with a dirty cop at the center and Jack Daniels hates dirty cops. 

The Japanese Slipper Murders is a 12,000 word story (about 40 pages long) written by Gordon Hopkins, a professional fraud investigator and author of the novel, FRAUDSTERS. 

After barely surviving the horror of the Parkside Strangler, Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels and her friend, P.I. Jillian Varela, decide to head to Cancun for a little well-deserved R&R. 

But instead of a relaxing two weeks at a five star, luxury resort, a grisly death lands at their feet, and a young girl is arrested. 

It should be simple, but in Mexico, you are guilty until proven innocent. And if the Policia Federal find out what Jack and Jillian are up to, they'll be spending a long time in less than luxury accommodations. 

And finally, a book that I've been meaning to mention, and one that will be featured in an upcoming blog post:

FBI Agent Nick Bracco arrives with a team of agents along with his mafia-connected cousin Tommy to help search the underground for the terrorist. 

When the teenager kills a Chicago cop, a vicious manhunt engulfs the city. Bracco reaches out to Lieutenant Jack Daniels for her help with local connections like longtime bookie, Tequila Abernathy, and she agrees to join the task force. 

What Bracco doesn’t realize, however, is that Jack knows of the kid and believes he is trying to escape from the terrorist organization that trained him for the job. A belief based solely on her intuition. 

The problem: There’s powerful intelligence verifying the existence of a terrorist cell with an explosive device set to go off in downtown Chicago on Black Friday. 

With just hours to go, Jack finds herself chasing the teenager alone and unarmed, ready to test her instincts. 

Bracco believes the teenager is there to detonate the bomb. 

Jack believes she can save the kid and find the bomb before the terrorists push the button. 

Someone is wrong. 

Dead wrong. 

And the citizens of Chicago will have to pay the price. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! This is wonderful. I'm curious about the covers. Clearly there is some nice branding going on. Who picks the covers?

Jennifer Oberth said...

I was wondering about those covers, too. Very nice!

AnonymousWriter said...

I am worried for Konrath.

He dilutes and diminishes his brand.

Could you imagine if when Dickens or Twain were writing, if as well as their own books there were several hundred if not thousands of co branded books with a multitude of writers - some gd and some second and third rate. They would have destroyed their careers.

Alternatively could you imagine if Twain, instead of creating his own characters and stories had instead just written fan fiction based on dickens previous works. Twain would be a total unknown.

I know konrath gets angry when anyone else dares have an alternative opinion but the Worlds is not good for two reasons:

1. It dilutes and confuses the key writers (in this case Konrath's) brand, characters and concepts.

2. Instead of new writers working on their own characters and worlds and concepts they waste time writing fan fiction based on others works...

Maybe using Konrath's arguments Alexander Fleming shouldn't have invented James Bond and just written fan fiction based on the three Musketeers or Sherlock Holmes!!!!



AnonymousWriter said...

I await Konrath's wrath, anger and contempt.. but would prefer a considered answer.

William J. Thomas said...

Dear Anonymous Writer:

1. Readers aren't as dumb as you are implying. No one is forcing anyone to read any Kindle Worlds books. It's very obvious what books are written or co-written by Joe and which are not. Nothing is diluted or confused. If anything, it gives readers more chances to be entertained by characters they are familiar with.

2. I'm sure most writers publishing in Kindle Worlds are using it as a marketing tool, to expose a different group of readers to their material. If they like what they read they may seek out other works by the author. And as Joe has said many times, writers often have fun 'playing' in each others' worlds. There's no wasted time for a writer who is actively writing and publishing.

Patrice Fitzgerald said...

I've written authorized fanfic for pay outside of KW and two (one more coming next month) short books inside KW, each in different (very different) Worlds. It's fun, it's challenging, it makes a bit of money, and definitely adds name recognition when you are starting out. That's how it looks from the POV of a writer.

For the KW "Creator," it's all good. And profitable. I'm confident Joe will come and respond without wrath, anger, or contempt. You needn't worry about him as he rolls around in the extra money he's making from this exciting new venture.

I'd write in one of his worlds, but I'm too busy writing my own...

Congrats to Joe and Ann!

AnonymousWriter said...

William J Thomas

1. I never implied readers are dumb. If there were 2000 Dickens books, with 1950 collaborations it would have caused great confusion.

2. There is such a thing as wasted time, to say otherwise is absurd. To use my example you would have advised Ian Fleming (sorry not Alexander)to push James Bond aside and focus on Sherlock Holmes fan fiction.

AnonymousWriter said...

Dear Patrice,

I don't begrudge Konrath a penny of the money he has made, and I hope he makes a million more. I think he has been right on the money regarding self publishing and has led the way and been well ahead of the game on so many issues. I have read and enjoyed some of his books.

I am not here to be a pain, so I will make this my last comment on the topic so as not to labour my point.


Gordon Hopkins said...

AnonymousWriter - I think you already answered to your own criticisms by bringing up James Bond.

Aren't you worried about Ian Fleming diluting and diminishing his brand? After all, there are James Bond novels written by Jeffery Deaver, William Boyd, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Kingsley Amis. I'd be more concerned about his brand if people are going to start calling him Alexander Fleming.

Of course, at least the James Bond books are written by well-known, professional writers. Joe Konrath may in trouble if his Kindle Worlds books are being written by talentless hacks no one has ever heard of like this F. Paul Wilson guy.

Also, I don't understand this statement: "It dilutes and confuses the key writers (in this case Konrath's) brand, characters and concepts." The Kindle worlds books are pretty clearly labeled as such. There doesn't seem to be any reason for confusion. The nice thing about people who buy books is that most of them know how to read.

AnonymousWriter said...

Gordon Hopkins..the follow ups to Ian Fleming's have been written well after the Bond concept/brand has been established.

What would have happened if 50 other James Bond books were written at the time Fleming was writing them.

Gordon Hopkins said...

AnonymousWriter - Maybe I should ask how you define "established?" The first Jack Daniels book was published over a decade ago and they continue to sell pretty well as far as I know. J. A. Konrath is one of the most well-know and most-often mentioned writers in the ebook business. How much more "established" does he have to be?

AnonymousWriter said...

By established i mean if you stopped 100 people in the street probably 98 have heard of James Bond...despite Konrath's success you would be lucky if 2 people stopped in the street would know one of his characters.

And that is not a disparagement of Konrath's writing and sales success. It's a fact.

JA Konrath said...

I am worried for Konrath.

I'm touched by your concern.

He dilutes and diminishes his brand.

When you state something as a fact, you should, you know, back it up with data and examples. Or else it is unsupported opinion. Which is fine--the world is full of people who are constantly offering their unsupported opinions.

These people don't impress me. At all.

Believing in something, without proof, is fine if it makes you happy.

Telling others that what you believe in is the truth, well, that's obnoxious. And stupid.

They would have destroyed their careers.

You began that sentence "can you imagine."

Can you imagine a world where dogs walked people instead of the other way around? That would be crazy!

Now show me some evidence of a a writer--ANY WRITER--who destroyed their career in this way you imagine.

I know konrath gets angry when anyone else dares have an alternative opinion

You've never seen me angry. You've never read anything by me written in anger.

But you have seen me be very amused by pinheads.

I happen to be smiling right now.

1. It dilutes and confuses the key writers brand, characters and concepts.

Proof? Nope, that's more unsupported opinion.

2. Instead of new writers working on their own characters and worlds and concepts they waste time writing fan fiction based on others works...

You know that I only stepped into Kindle Worlds when Amazon allowed writers to keep the rights to their characters, right?

JA Konrath said...

I await Konrath's wrath, anger and contempt

I await for you to show me a single instance--a link, a quote, a video--where I am showing anger, wrath, or contempt.

In this case, I'm showing sarcasm. It may soon be followed by ridicule, because you've shown yourself unable to prove a point.

JA Konrath said...

To use my example you would have advised Ian Fleming to push James Bond aside and focus on Sherlock Holmes fan fiction.

Am I the only one here who wished Ian Fleming wrote a Sherlock Holmes story? That would have been cool. Or Holmes teaming up with Bond's grandfather to solve a case?

I suggest going back and reading the posts I've dedicated to Kindle Worlds, and the ones prior to that where I discuss allowing other writers into my universe, and the problems with current IP and copyright law.

No one is telling anyone to give up their characters. But if my characters and name can help a lesser-known writer introduce their character to some of my readers, I think that's good for everyone. And if I can collaborate with writers and mix up our IPs, and be able to do so with Amazon sorting out the royalties rather than me, my accountant, or my agent having to do it, that's good, too.

AnonymousWriter said...


everything is opinion

i would have been interested to read your considered response to some of my points

no problem

JA Konrath said...

What would have happened if 50 other James Bond books were written at the time Fleming was writing them.

Well all I need to do is step into my machine to travel to an alternate universe and...

Oh, wait. I can't do that.

So no one could ever possibly know what would happen if there were that many James Bond writers. Maybe Bond would have gone for several hundred books, like the Destroyer series or Mack Bolan, which have been written by many authors. But we don't know, because you're using a fallacious argument. (argumentum ad ingorantium, onus probandi, circulus in demonstrando, et al.)

JA Konrath said...

everything is opinion

Except for those pesky facts and truths.

Is it your opinion that circles are round?

Debate isn't centered around opinion. It's centered around making points and proving them.

Opinions don't matter. Not one teeny tiny bit.

As for countering your points, I've done so several times.

JA Konrath said...

despite Konrath's success you would be lucky if 2 people stopped in the street would know one of his characters.

Two out of a hundred?

I'd be shocked if two out of 20,000 people stopped on the street had ever heard of me. Why would they have? How many of those 20,000 read thriller fiction on a regular basis?

Now a more pointed, and interesting, question is how many thriller readers who shop at Amazon recognize my name?

Maybe that would be 2 out of a 100. Maybe 2 out of 1000. I dunno. I'd need to know how many people by thrillers on Amazon and divide it by how many of my ebooks have sold on Amazon.

But I've sold over two million books. So someone is reading me, or at least buying me.

AnonymousWriter said...


You only spout opinions and provide no evidence for any of your spouting

JA Konrath said...

And that is not a disparagement of Konrath's writing and sales success. It's a fact.

Ahh. You used the word "fact".

Can you cite your source? Provide the link? Do you have the video of you asking 100 people on the street if they know James Bond? Or me?


See, what you did, Richard, is start with a premise that you believed to be true (that I'm diluting my brand) that you haven't defended and apparently haven't fully thought out.

Your belief that something is true does not make it so. And I don't care what your opinion is. While I'm sure you're a fascinating person and no doubt a lot of fun at parties, when you make statements about me diminishing my brand you need to provide some sort of evidence to back up those statements.

Again, I urge you to go and read my posts about copyright.


See, I have thought this through, long and hard. And I'm conducting an experiment to see if my hunches are correct. I'm not stating opinions as facts. I'm trying to figure things out.

Also, I wish you would try to defend some of your points, because that's how I learn. By people making, and defending, their statements ably enough to make me rethink my own positions.

This doesn't anger me in the least. I wish every single person who posted here disagreed with me.

JA Konrath said...

You only spout opinions and provide no evidence for any of your spouting

Here's something that'll blow your mind: saying that you are spouting unsupported opinion isn't opinion, it's fact. And you're the one making it a fact by refusing to support your opinion.

You saying that my facts are an opinion is your opinion, and an incorrect one. But my calling your comments "opinions" is factual.

I could do this all day, but I probably need to go dilute my brand some more. Because so few people know who I am, so...



If so few people know who I am, compared to Alexander (er, Ian) Fleming, then what am I diluting exactly?

"Hey! Don't pour water into that water! You'll dilute it!"

Anonymous said...

Still curious about the covers....


Congrats everyone! I wish the best for all of you. I know that I'm personally going through each novel/story. Cheers!


Truth is for we writers, that means those of us who write every damned day, we can write a 19,000+ novella in about 3 weeks, or less for Joe and Kindle Worlds, have one helluva great time, self pollinate. Then we continue on with our own works spending maybe 6 weeks writing a 80,000+ novel. I personally have 30 books of my own via amazon. Joe has offered a killer way to cross populate readers. And lets be honest Joe's characters are one heck of a fun ride. Cheers!

JA Konrath said...

Still curious about the covers....

My cover artist, Carl Graves at Extended Imagery (his website is in my sidebar, www.extendedimagery.com) did most of the covers for the Chandler and Jack Daniels Kindle Worlds. The goal was to have a distinct stylefor each KW that branded them, so they could be recognized by readers.

Tim Tresslar said...

I really enjoyed the chance to diminish, dilute, defile and destroy Joe and Ann's characters.
And, as someone who's written a dozen or so books for the Mack Bolan series, I also believe working with licensed characters is a great way for a writer to develop his or her chops while getting paid. Is it the only way? No. But it is one path.

AnonymousWriter said...

Konrath, Higby, Tresslar...

Don't get me wrong, I hope you're all correct.

Good luck.

Let us know what effect it does have on sales etc.



Unknown said...

Joe, I'm obviously not the only one who considers you a pioneer. I applaud your willingness to step out in front and lead. (You may not have known that's what you're doing...but that's what you're doing. :) )

I've had mixed feelings about this, and I eagerly await the results of your experiment. And I certainly wish you the best with it!

Hey, maybe one day my necromancer from Erindor can solve some mysteries with your characters! (Is that possible?)


JA Konrath said...

Hey, maybe one day my necromancer from Erindor can solve some mysteries with your characters! (Is that possible?)

Of course it's possible, Nat. That's the idea.

Team up any of my characters with your necromancer, upload to Kindle World, keep half the royalties.

I've gotten some good stories that fit within the themes and genres I've created. I think it would be interesting to take my characters in an entirely different, offbeat, unexpected direction.

Harry McGlade would have a lot of fun in Erindor.

Unknown said...

I think it would be interesting to take my characters in an entirely different, offbeat, unexpected direction.

"Different and offbeat" is definitely my jam! :)

Have to say...this is very tempting. I introduced the Erindor universe by way of a portal fantasy, so I already have a plausible way of getting characters back and forth.

adan said...

I wish I'd been able to write my comment yesterday, before the "diminish" theme got in, but I'm finishing working a full time temp job and have to do as able.

Nevertheless, I absolutely felt no diminishment writing either of my two shorts for KW so far, one for Joe's Jack Daniels world, and the other for his and Ann's Chandler world.

I absolutely have gained insight into characters and action sequencing, by merging (and keeping) my own characters with those of Ann and Joe.

My most surprising realization was, putting my own internal characters into words with characters I've read and enjoyed, required me to internalize what I had only before read and felt, but not re-expressed in my own style and writing.

Writing "An Unexpected-Conventional Morning" and "An Unexpected Afternoon" has given me a confidence and path to expression that, though I'm sure I would have arrived at this eventually, was much sooner, much easier, and tons of fun.

So for me, Joe and Ann's version of Kindle Worlds has been a huge success creatively.

Much much thanks to both writers.

Anonymous said...

If konrath was head of coca cola he would be letting hundreds of drinks manufacturers use the coca cola branding to make a thousands of different versions of coke..... He must know so much more than the leaders of every brand in the world.

Just think Ford badges on a multitude of cars of varying quality and apple being applied to hundreds of different phones and laptops.

Konrath - genius or fool.?