Friday, August 30, 2013

8 Hour Ebook Challenge Winners

What can I say? Over 140 writers completed the challenge. Here are the ones who sent me their links as I requested in my last blog post.

If I've missed your book, or gotten your listing wrong in some major way that you can't live with, shoot me an email.

SHIFTED by Madeline Freeman.

Of course you should be afraid of the dark.

Leigh Evans is about to learn that not everything is what it appears to be. After a disturbing experience in the forest, she meets Peter and Mollie Monroe, transient twins whose knowledge of the unknown reveals a secret hiding in Leigh's hometown.

Price: $0.99, free 8/31-9/1

ORIGINAL SIN by Ariel Page

It started with an Apple and ended in a night of passion that Rebecca would never forget.

One night is all Dylan O'Reilly wanted from his employee Rebecca. One night to prove that he would be able to satisfy the cool blonde for the rest of eternity.

One hot, night of erotic passion that will leave her breathless but can she make a commitment that will last forever?

Price: $0.99


One of the strangest legal cases in Long Island history. Charity Miranda was killed by her sister and mother in 1998 during an attempted amateur exorcism. Unfortunately such crimes are not all that rare in the shadow realms of dark justice where religion and superstition meet to defeat reason and the results are horrendous. Questions of fate and faith. An exploration of the case, and an explanation of the possible causes.

Price: $0.99, free 8/27-8/31


This book is well worth 99 cents if you've ever dreamed of being a national bestselling author, or just rich, or famous, or even sober.

"I made a small fortune using the rules in this book, but sadly, I started out with a large fortune." Desty Tute

"Decent advice, poorly given." A B Caesar

"I laughed; I cried; you know, I might be really moody." Amy Zane.

Good rules couched in bad prose, including a really dreadful short story kicked in to boot, all for 99 cents!

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-8/31


Gianni Galaxy is a Los Angeles club owner with a penchant for fruits, vegetables and cocaine. Let him regale you with tales of his past, as well as excellent juicing recipes. Feel inspired as he reveals his "Aha!" moment that inspired him to become a vegan. Learn more about why cocaine isn't as good as it used to be. Manage your colon-don't let it manage you.

Price: $0.99, 8/30


Aliens have been sleeping with humans throughout history, but which are the best in bed ... or in the saucer?  Everyone knows the Gray aliens are masters with power tools, but how are the Nordics in the sack? What should you never do if you’re bent over for Bigfoot? How do you attract a Mothman, and what do you do if more than one of them arrives looking to hook up with you?  This short guidebook will help you to make your missing time the best times of your life.

Price: $2.99, free 8/30-9/3

NEGATIVES by Karly Kilpatrick

Chelsea Campbell is about to get the worst news of her life. It's how she handles it that makes all the difference. 

This is a short story consisting of 3300 words/13 pages.

It is adult contemporary fiction and contains strong language.

Price: $0.99


"It's Called Bestiary Not Bestiality" is a tiny short story at around 2500 words. If you have ever wondered what's it like to hunt humans, then this story is for you. The erstwhile author of the story, the self-proclaimed Big Game hunter is Sean Connery on steroids. If Sean Connery took steroids. If for some reason sarcasm eludes you, the story is a parody.

Price: $0.99


This 2,300 word zombie short story shows the types of uncommon stress a married couple must face behind locked doors.

In the midst of a worldwide zombie epidemic, Jill and Wyatt are having marital problems of the absolute worst kind. The monsters outside are the least of their worries as they are having their own gruesome dilemmas inside. They are about to put their marriage to the ultimate test.

And like any great love story, it all starts with a poorly judged rifle blast.
Price: $0.99.
HEALED by David Scroggins (writing as Allen Raithe)

Pastor Jonas Weir has always been known among his people as a man of God, so why does he no longer believe in what he teaches? One evening, while walking home, Jonas witnesses a brutal murder. When he tries to intervene, the attacker screams "The red petals wither" before turning the knife on himself. Now faced with self-doubt and horrible memories from a murder he was unable to stop, Jonas begins to see references to "the red petals" everywhere he looks. What are they and why do they seem to show up everywhere?
Price: $0.99

INTO THE DARKNESS by Margaret English

In the once picture perfect world of Oor, heartbreak and greed ruined paradise for everyone. When three unlikely friends try to save their world from falling into the Darkness, they misstep and get into more trouble than they thought was possible. A mysterious narrator tells the tale and reveals his importance in the history of the fantastical world of Oor. Can good ever overcome evil once it finds its way in? Forgiveness and sacrifice become the central theme in this 3,300 word story of magic and betrayal.

Price: $0.99


Could the greatest power…

The path to riches beyond our wildest imagination…

The key to reaching the highest level of spiritual awareness and happiness…

…be obtained by bottling farts???

"Shh…it's our secret…" Vlad told the little boy. "Use the power wisely…"

Price: $0.99

EIGHT HOUR FICTION #1 by Travis Hill

Inspired by a JA Konrath challenge to write, edit, create a cover, and publish a short story in eight hours or less. 

A Career Move - A crash-landed alien tries to find his career path but isn't having much luck... 3072 word short story 

Capture At The Hive - The Evil Queen Mother has finally captured General Megatron, Defender of the Galaxy.  421 word flash fiction story

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

BRINGING UP BABY by Millicent Bingham-Smythe

This is the very short, completely made-up and totally tongue-in-cheek guide to the toughest and most thankless job on the planet.

It gives completely made-up information about pregnancy and childbirth. It also contains useless advice on child-rearing. Hopefully, no one will take this seriously. 

But sadly…

Price $0.99

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DINOSAUR by Christopher Gorden

In a near future dystopia of the Dinosaur Games, Nog is expelled from High School and sent to the most feared Academy in the world. For Nog, his world is about to change beyond his wildest dreams. Dreams that will become a nightmare, for if he is to survive, the first question he needs to answer is how to train your dinosaur. Consumed by lost love and dinosaur farts, one boy's perspective on his new world of kid Gladiators fighting ferocious dinosaurs for their freedom in a Colosseum of Death.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


When Samantha left Harborhaven for her freshmen year in college, she barely looked in her rearview mirror. Now it's three years later and she's back for her sister's funeral.

But only Samantha knows the truth: for all intents, her sister died three years ago on the night of her senior prom. Coming home means coming face to face with the man she holds responsible--her sister's husband and Samantha's former lover, Julian Ashburn.

Begin With Goodbye Vol. 1 is the first installment in a serial romance series.
Price: $0.99 cents


Description:  In a world where uncertainty is King, and human Pawn – anything goes. 

We follow the story of Rodger and his only child Emily. Together, as one, they traverse: hope, love, laughter, loss, bloodshed, horror and something much worse. ‘Something’ that defies logic. Soon that ‘something,’ will come and tear them apart. Not only physically, but mentally.

Price: $0.99

THE GOOD OLD DAYS by L. Hugemont

Two men meet on an post-apocalyptic highway. A short conversation follows. This is a short story of about 2000 words or so. Hey, what do you want for 99c. It's got some nice dialogue, two gripping characters, and a little violence. Look at it this way: it's only .000495c per word.

Price: $0.99


As a man used to combat, Palestinian solider Salman isn't used to guarding a beach. He feels his assignment is beneath him. In fact, it's really beginning to bug him. The Devohrah Initiative is a short story of about 3,500 words in length, and can easily be read in one sitting. It mixes elements of horror and satire, and provides a chilling insight into how the war on terrorism might be fought. This story is intended for older readers.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

ALTERNATE REALITY by Benjamin Wallace

One of the biggest challenges in selling inter-dimensional realty is finding the perfect home for a young couple. 

Especially when the wife has an issue with dinosaurs.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


I’ve been married a really super long time- some five decades. This is weird, considering I tell everyone that I’m only thirty years old. But that’s not the point. The point is I have a lot of experience (some good some, well, not so good). Years and years of 'til death do us part.' I’ve packed ten marriage secrets all into this very concise book- just for you! Get it while you can for FREE three days only.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

OLD MOMMARK'S TALE by Cora Buhlert

In a tavern on Tortuga, the pirate Old Mommark recalls an adventure of his youth and tells a tale of an uncharted island, a great treasure, the gruesome Captain Scarlet and the even more gruesome monster that dragged him to his doom. But is it a true story or just sailor's yarn, spun under the influence of too much rum?

Price: $0.99


A book about how to procrastinate; isn’t that something of a contradiction?
Not at all.
Reading a book about procrastination, one that will help you take your skill to a higher level, is in itself an act of procrastination.
Do not set aside the time to read this book. Instead, read this book as a way to avoid doing something else.

Price: $0.99

TINKER'S BUTTON by James Andrew Wilson

Tinker is an eccentric old inventor trying to get his teleporter to work. He's triple-checked all the necessary parameters, and triple-checked his checking. He's ready to fire it up, to make history. But his other creations are conspiring against him, and a near-fatal tragedy involving his toaster has left him hungry. Can Tinker figure out how to bend space and time before the power goes out, not to mention his back?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

THE WHITE WOLF by William Stadler

The White Wolf is a YA fantasy short starring one of my main characters for my upcoming novel THE GIRL WITH THE SCAR which is set to be released no later than Feb. 2014. Wolf is a Hunter who has been searching for the The Girl with the Scar for fifteen years throughout the kingdom of Kalarn. Exhausted and near to giving up, he has taken reprieve at the Black Snake Inn where he meets a loud-mouth drunkard who spouts nonsense. Amongst the ramblings, the drunkard mentions that rumors indicate that the The Girl with the Scar is soon to be found.

Price $0.99

SLAP ASS CRAZY by Jules Shebop

A pickup gone wrong - for him. He thought he was going home with an easy woman. But when she told him her first rule was, don't slap an ass, he might've figured out he picked up a woman gone slap ass crazy.

Price: $0.99 cents, free 8/30


What price would you pay to be famous?  

My price was a torrid night for the lead role in a Broadway play. He promised me the part, but when the casting sheet was released, understudy was stamped by my name.

Dirty bastard promised me fame. 

I never thought he'd come calling for my soul. 

Price: $0.99

THE HUNDREDTH HORSE by L. Margaret Martin

One morning, Reynold the Gray made his intentions clear. He wasn't the only one. Every single horse in the world could communicate, without question, their needs and desires through Empathic Equine Elucidation. When her beast of burden becomes sentient, what is an equestrian to do? This 3,400 word short story was inspired by Joe Konrath, The Hundredth Monkey effect, and India’s decision to declare dolphins ‘non-human persons’.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

EVERCLEAR by Easton Vaugh

In "Everclear", we meet Eve, a woman haunted by a home invasion three years prior. During the heart stopping encounter, Eve was raped, her mother brutally murdered. And since then, Eve has engaged in one risky behavior after another, just as imprisoned as the man who changed her life forever. She decides there is only one way to free herself. She has to face her rapist and mother's killer, whatever the cost.

Price: $1.00, free 8/30-9/2


He's popped the question and now you're getting married. A wedding means lots of planning. The next year (or more if it's a long engagement) will be a frenzy of events and planning. Besides the venue for the ceremony and the reception the most important part of the wedding is finding the perfect dress. Wedding Dress Shopping - A day of "fun" includes tips I wish I'd known before I went shopping.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


This 4000-word executive summary highlights the best opportunities for residents of Japan to start with air miles and hotel points. It explores the best programs, credit cards, and earning opportunities. If you want to travel better, start here.

Price $2.99

THE KEEPER (sweet gay romance) by Hollis Shiloh

One day after a storm, lonely lighthouse keeper Cole stumbles upon a half-drowned man. The man is a magician, who's forgotten everything, even his name. As the two wait for the supply boat to come and take him away from the island, Cole finds himself falling in love. He doesn't think the beautiful blond man could ever return his feelings. But everything is not as it appears—including the man's past. And someone might just want him dead.

Price: $2.99, free 8/30


Sharazad was the highest-ranked courtesan at the Persian court, and the only one who could keep the King entertained, night after night after night.

Some say that she told him stories, and so she did. But that was not all she did to keep a bored and jaded King occupied. Here, for adult readers only, are the confessions of Sharazad that never made it into the Thousand and One Nights…

Price: $2.99, free 8/30


Dr Nauusbloom thinks he’s never going to find the love of his life because he’s only turned on by people who fart. David thinks he’s never going to have sex again because he farts like a family after thanksgiving. When they find each other they have hot steamy sex. WARNING: Not safe for work.

Price: $0.99

SO YOU WANT TO GET A PARTNER by Professor I M Osolohmio

Spoof Relationship Counselling: Reasons for Staying Single. So you're trying to find bona fide reasons not to get into a long-term relationship? Unhappily married? A divorce won't be far in your future. You should both arm yourselves against another sad, long-term relationship with this guide; it'll help stop you making another bad mistake.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


For thirty-something year old Psychiatrist, Dr. John Epstein, life in private practice Melbourne may not be all he imagined it would be, but it is lucrative and he does have the odd win with a patient's progress. The predictable rhythm of his life takes a disturbing turn when he accepts a new patient, Kyle Stevens, who is on parole for serial rape. He quickly realises he is dealing with a dangerous psychopath. Matters are made worse when his friend and colleague, Detective Robert James unwittingly involves him in a cat and mouse game of vengeance. Soon John is walking a fine line between his own safety and working to put his new patient back behind bars, before he reoffends. The series follows John's sessions with Kyle over a period of six weeks, each week is a short vignette, collectively the six publications complete the story.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Jacob watched orcs destroy his village, and vowed revenge.

On his journey to learn how to kill orcs he met a pair of sell swords who told him of a legendary weapon that could help:  The Dark Sword of Dark Sorcery. They also told him that the only person who could help him was the lady sell sword Americium, a woman of impossible proportions and a quite nice leather outfit.

This book is made of epic win as a great parody of fantasy by the best author since Jim Theiss, Castle Stonesword.  

Price: $0.99

HOW TO WALK A DOG by Canine Master

Advice for hopeful as well as experienced dog walkers on their daily outings with their pet. How to act around other dogs, what can go wrong, what dangers threaten during your walk? How do your dog's interests and priorities differ from yours? How much discipine is absolutely necessary?
Is the necessity of cleaning up after your dog outweighed by the pleasures of having a canine companion?
The author is an experienced dog owner of many years. 

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


My name is Harrold Lipshitowitz and I'm an author, war veteran and true American (God I hate communists). I agreed to sit down for an exclusive interview—and this putz turns around and uploads it on Amazon. I don't take crap from anybody. And who the hell is York Lord? Never heard of him.

Price $0.99, free 8/30-9/1


The modern writer’s guide to producing awesome content in a world drowning in media. This quick, no-nonsense, entertaining resource helps both fiction and non-fiction writers overcome their fear of criticism and start creating content that really matters. Writers will learn how to infuse their content with personality and create work that readers want to consume. 3075 words--roughly 10 pages. No-nonsense, no padding, just solid guidance.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Do you ever feel like travel books are targeted to extroverts, those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone—whether it’s welcome or not? Do you ever feel guilty when you travel to a new place and don’t end up becoming lifelong friends with every dim sum waiter and vegetable stand owner and traditional artisan you encounter? Do you feel there’s too much pressure to, like, talk to people when you’re on the road? This guide is for you. At less than 5,000 words, Leave Me Alone: The Introvert's Guide to Travel is more of an essay than a book, but within you will find the tongue-firmly-in-cheek wisdom of an experienced traveler who sometimes just wants to be left alone.

Price $0.99


Adam and Ryan, two broke Los Angeles transplants from Brooklyn, hatch a plan to make some easy cash: kidnap a local rich girl and sell her back to her wealthy daddy. It seems simple enough, but then they didn't figure that the girl they'd kidnap would be the daughter of the local crime boss.

Inspired by Joe Konrath's 8 Hour Writing Challenge, Stealing Jessica is a 2,600 word crime short story.

Price $0.99, free 8/30

MY UNDEAD LIFE by Delilah Vane

It's fifteen-year-old Angel's first day as a vampire…
Angel Rose Channing didn't ask for the added drama of being turned into a teenage vampire. School was hard enough when she didn't have to avoid the sun. She used to be able to make a mistake without somebody dying, but now she has to watch her every move as she comes to understand what it means to wake up dead.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


A brief jaunt through the joys of all things Minnesotan. 
Kick back and smile your way through your next lunch or coffee break with this laugh-out-loud, whirl-and-puke amusement ride.

Price: $0.99

I WANT by Candi Cane

Discover the inner workings of one man's mind. Renowned therapist Candi Cane has spent thousands of hours finding out what goes on inside a man's head. Find out what your man is thinking. No more guessing. The only self-help book you'll ever need when it comes to figuring out Men.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

TSUNAMI OF SWILL by Charles Deckins

A hard-hitting exposé of the crapnado of independent ebooks cluttering
up the Internet. Industry insider Chuck Deckins, on the editorial staff [clarification: intern] of the New York publisher Big and Six, knows too much.
He blogs a warning about the tsunami of swill, but within hours his
blog is deleted. Chuck is yanked behind the scenes of A, the secret global conspiracy dedicated to drowning the world in a flood of ebooks that look as if
they could have been thrown together in a few hours.
Based on a 7% true story!

Price: $0.99

FLAWLESS WEDDING by Kevin Hartsfield

A hard-working man makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect his wife’s financial future. At the same time, his friend plots the perfect crime. Or so he thinks. He soon learns the penalty for playing with a woman’s emotions. A very short story in about 500 words.

Price: $0.99, free 8/29/-9/2

STAY ON THE TRAIL by Jeanne Bustamante

When you hike on well-used paths, the trails are easy to spot. They've been shaped by feet, hooves and wheels into clear, if sometimes rocky, paths. But once you get away from the crowds (easy to do in Idaho), the trail can quickly go from a beaten path to an impossible-to-find trace. When I first encountered such a trail, I got lost, because I wasn't paying attention to trail markers. This short book is a photo illustrated guide to finding trail markers, based on my experiences backpacking where I learned to find these myself so I could stay on the trail.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1


Detective Thomas Brooker is brought in to find out why a rental car had a dead body in its trunk. A body that the driver of the rental car claims he doesn’t know anything about.

And what is with the strange goat head tattoo that is on the body of the victim? A tattoo that is shared with one of the medical examiner technicians handling the case.

If the author was asked to summarize the story to a Hollywood movie producer he would say "Stephen King meets Law & Order".

Price: $0.99


This booklet describes, in detail, everything you need to know to hold a profitable garage sale. From preparation to after the sale, it covers all aspects. There are so many garage sales these days, that you need ways to get noticed and drive customers to you. This booklet suggests ways to get that attention. Follow these easy, helpful hints and watch the customers—and the money come rolling in!

Price: $0.99


Lovelorn exchange student Heidi needs to get arrested. She found an anti-war protest that looks like her ticket to jail. Armed with knitting needles and a broken heart, she won't leave without handcuffs. But will her efforts get her the criminal record? Or has fate planned a different cure for her heartache?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

REDNECK STAYCATIONS - Lawrence of Trailerparkia

Just because yer a trailer park resident don't mean you can't climb the social ladder! Redneck Staycations (stay at home vacations) is a short guide that contains 15 secret tactics developed by a bona fide redneck just like y'all. These tips will save you thousands of buckeroos, hundreds of hours for country music listenin', and tons of travel aggravation by explaining exactly how you can avoid international travel while simultaneously claiming “citizen of the world” social status. As an added bonus, this will make your neighbors green with envy. As my great-uncle Todd used to say, cherish these words of wisdom as you would an ancient family heirloom.

Price: FREE between the darn sweltering week of Aug 29 - Sep 2 (normuly $0.99)

B-MOVIE NIGHT by Ian Pattinson and Garth Owen

Reviews of films, books and games from the archives of the

long-running Spinneyhead weblog.

Ian Pattinson- and his pulp fiction alter ego, Garth Owen- has been

reviewing all sorts of entertainment for years. Short and sharp, and
occasionally silly, the reviews cover everything from Summer
blockbusters to grindhouse obscurities, this collection has a bit of

This is a continually evolving book, with more reviews being added all the time.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/2


On a normal run through a big city, a runner swats a fly. The fly grows in size and becomes so big that it blocks the sun. The people in the city are under attack! Rayna, a Recovery and Reevaluation technician, must decide if the city is worth saving. Will the humans prove themselves worthy of continuing life? Or will they doom themselves to a terrible fate?

Price: $0.99


A lover of the “Our Little Pony’s” and lifelong theoretical physicists has opened a portal to the Pony’s world. Through this portal the Ponies have come. The creatures have decided to make this world theirs and that mankind is the only stumbling block to stop them. Here is the survival guide for every new recruit into the Brony Apocalypse Resistance Force or B.A.R.F. Contained in this volume are the origins, myths and truth about our new pony overlords.

Price: $0.99


Author Sherrie Giddens opens up about mother’s guilt associated with those pantry foods we all have, like boxed macaroni cheese. With a little bit of humor and a lot of understanding, she encourages you to embrace the simplicity and ease that a box of macaroni and cheese can bring to your home on those busy and hectic days. This title will share fun and easy recipes your family will love while adding some variety to the menu. Upgrade Your Macaroni and Cheese! Kick guilt to the curb.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


"Surviving Red Hot Sex, Living the Soap Opera Life in 42 Easy Episodes," is the insiders' guide on how to live life through examples from real live television soaps. Follow one or all of the examples and you will you be arrested or divorced or receive the justified scorn of all the world. Or just maybe you will discover that you don't live on this planet at all but in some wonderful fantasy world of your own, and can the rest of us join you there?
Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Sabrina O'Sullivan just wanted to have some fun, but Karlheinz Kaufmann, an evil wizard straight out of Nazi Germany, has other plan ... plans like kidnapping and murder. Fortunately, Gabriel Brighton, a totally hot Sorcerer, interrupts Kaufmann's dark ritual. And even more fortunately, he can teach Sabrina the magic that will save their lives. Magic that thrives on powerful emotions ... and must be performed in the nude ... with a partner.

Price $2.99

DON'T SHOW UP NAKED by Jusaeno Tuclows

A guide for the clothing-challenged to know when to wear clothing. A great gift for those embarrassing relatives who show up naked at the oddest times.

Price: $0.99

FOOLS AND CTHULU by Morgan Drake Eckstein

William knows that a phone call at three in the morning is never a good sign. Nor is it a good sign when the call is about the dreaded Necronomicon. There are a lot of bogus Necronomicons out there. And anyone that succeeds in getting one of the forgeries to work receives a lot of attention. Unfortunately, that attention tends to not be human.

Price: $0.99 

KIDNAPPED by Briana Coleman

Carrie is horrified. Her husband, Jimmy, kidnapped a little girl and now Carrie's an accomplice. Jimmy said it would be easy: grab the girl, call the parents, pick up the ransom, and then take the girl back. However, Carrie's feelings for the child are growing stronger. Now she is stuck in the middle of a nightmare and terrified that something will go wrong.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

Abigail Abernathy: All-Night Analytical Engine Analyst by TR Goodman

All Abigail Abernathy wants is a respectable job where she can put her knowledge of analytical engines to use. The Royel Trading Company of Bristol provides her with just such an opportunity, but not everyone is pleased to have her aboard. Between incompetent management, clients helpless beyond her imagination, and a disgruntled former analytical engine analyst who will stop at nothing to take back the job she unknowingly took from him, will her credulity, not to mention her sanity, be up to the task? It’s going to be a long night.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1

MEETING MONDAY by Robert Michael

When a routine bodyguard assignment turns sour, Halley, a US Secret Service agent, must learn to trust a stranger. Her own team does not want her there. Brass wants her off the assignment. However, the Ambassador--a family friend--insists she is important. Will her team have her back, or will their bigotry lead to an international incident?

Meeting Monday is a short introduction to the Jake Monday Chronicles. For fans of the series, this is how Jake and Halley met. For those new to the series, get a sneak peak into the mayhem that his Monday.  

Price: $0.99

RUN by SJ Woods

She didn’t have much of a choice. She had to go through The Door. But behind The Door were things that had no care for Leah’s problems.

And just like Leah, they were hungry.
Run is a 3,500 word short story.

Price $0.99


My name is Auddie. I’m a little bit nerdy as evidenced by the fact that I would rather stay home and read a novel than go to a party. But for some insane reason I’ve taken on a dare to spend two hours in the old city cemetery at midnight. Everyone says I’ll chicken out, but I’ll prove them wrong. I just wish the recently deceased high school quarter back hadn’t shown up to keep me company.

The price on my ebook is 99 cents normally, but will be free 8/30-9/1.

SEE THE WORLD - ALONE by Ivanna Travel

Want to see the world but you’re staying home because you can’t find anyone else who’s interested to go with and you’re afraid to travel alone?

It’s time to pull up those big girl panties and hit the road – or the air, the train tracks or the sea.

This book is filled with tips for women who are embarking on their first – or fifthieth – solo trip, from what to do before you leave, what to pack, and how to enjoy the experience of travelling with only yourself to think about.

So, get out those guidebooks that have been collecting cobwebs, pick a destination and start packing. The world is waiting for you.

Price: $0.99

GAIN by B.P. Crouse

The rich feast while the poor labor. The system allows the poor to workout for the rich. Being an upper means staying thin despite indulging. But the table is about to be turned. Who will be able to handle the gain?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/3


Gray Lake is full of ghosts. Johnny and Dennison know all the stories. Eerie stories about drowned girls, lost specters, murderers and more. But tonight, as they drive toward the lake through the worst fog of the year, the stories start creeping in on them like the mist itself. "Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake" serves as a spine-tingling introduction to David Bain's ( larger milieu of Green River, Michigan, and its various spectral and nefarious denizens. 

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/3


Have you ever been bullied at school? I was taught at 9 years old how to handle it. It may not have been the best way to deal with it. But it worked. This is my story.

Price: $0.99


When he made the deal with the fey, it was because he didn’t have any

other choice. Things were bad then. He needed an out. The middle rung on the ladder gets old though, and he’s starting to want better for
himself. Can he push himself to become the thing he’s feared most to
get his hands on something better than the tiny slice of the pie the
elder Fey have allowed him to claim?

Price: $0.99


Driving back to Las Vegas from the State Prison in Ely, Nevada, Tom McLemore swerves to avoid a head on collision with what he thinks is a girl on a motorcycle. Stopping to render aid, he finds out that there is a lot more here than meets the eye. If it’s a motorcycle, where are its wheels? It’s 30 miles from the nearest small town, where did they come from? Tom finds out that sometimes, being kind to strangers has its benefits.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

Horror Stories From A Computer Tech includes seven of the craziest, creepiest, and funniest customer I met as an in-home computer tech. I haven't included any identifying information about any of the customers. From thinking WiFi gives you cancer to a chanting shaman, this collection has it all. No computer techs were harmed in the making of this book. Read for a few good laughs mixed with the right amount of "what the hell?"

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1

ADVENTURES IN RETAIL, PT. 1 by Steven R. Drennon

Working in retail has its ups and downs. You get to meet a lot of great
people, but you have to work some really long hours. The author worked as
a retail manager for over fifteen years, and this book is the first half
of a collection of ten stories that stand out in the author's memory as
his "Adventures in Retail".

Price: $0.99


Take a hard look in the mirror. What do you see? An awesome guy staring back at you, or is there just the hint of a douche?

Being a douchebag is an affliction that anyone can suffer from. If you think, just for a moment, that you might have douchebag tendencies, then you NEED to read this book.
Kind regards, "Arn"

Price: $0.99


When Bernie Bushkin, your every day 12 year old, goes to his first day of 7th grade he has no idea his life will change completely before he gets home that night.
Follow along with Bernie as he discovers the special powers passed down from his great-great-great grandfather to him. Powers that will let him save a land he never knew existed.

Enjoy book one in the 7 Days of Seven, a series of Short Story Snacks for middle school readers to read and enjoy! They're guaranteed to spark creativity and imagination!

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

THE MAGIC by Peter Spenser

Take one tired old woman conjurer. Add one impatient teenaged girl. Mix thoroughly with a little magic. What do you get? A big surprise… for both women.

A short story of approximately 1,750 words.

Price: $0.99


Words of encouragement to those who want to write, and just never seem to get started! This may just encourage some of you to actually start writing, and not just think and talk about it! I know I had the dream of writing, and I put it off for a long, LONG time!

And then one day I just decided I should stop thinking about it, and just DO IT!

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-8/31


Once there was, and once there was not, in a place I can take you where I have never been, a beautiful princess by the name of Dahut. She lived in a city that no merchant now visits and no map contains. Ys was at the end of the world, and it had escaped the attention of the Romans. But it was not beyond the reach of the new religion and the ways it brought. This is the story of Dahut's rebellion and the destruction of the city of Ys.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


With the ease of creating your own ebook these days on sites like Amazon, more and more books are going live every day. The problem is that many of them are not high quality.

With this book, you will learn all the steps for publishing your own book. It covers everything from self-editing tips to your final e-book on Amazon, or other online retailer.

Grammar help to ebook formatting to choosing categories. It's all inside at a very low introductory price; including dozens of links to review, tour, grammar and other great publishing sites.

Price: $0.99


Recipes included! An insightful, humorous look about how to lose weight. Candy lost fifty pounds on her journey while she made over sixty pounds of chocolate truffles. Learn how she managed to enjoy eating while dropping the pounds. Oh, did she mention that yummy homemade candy recipes are included?

Price: $1.99

THE CONE OF SHAME by Fluffsina Fluffkins

This book contains the harrowing tale of one cat's nightmarish
beginnings. How much can one naked fleshy creature put her through? A
short account of a life in torment.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/3

DARK OF THE WOODS by Dalia Daudelin

Dark of the Woods: Through the Black Gates is an erotic fantasy short, written and published within 6 hours of work. It's the beginning of Tuela's journey through prophecy, betrayal, and lust. No one in Tuela's tribe of Wood Elves can remember why or how the plague started. When Tuela runs into the dark heart of the woods and is attacked by vines, she comes close to the truth.

Price: $2.99, free 8/30

EMMA by Steve Malley

Sometimes in love, we are our own worst enemies...

Love is scary. Sex is less... complicated. Will Emma make the right choice before it's too late?

Price:$0.99, free 8/30-9/1

FREQUENCY by Darren Kirby

After nearly a year of searching, Jill finally finds her dream car: a rusty, beat up 1967 Buick Skylark. Not the car that most girls have in mind, but for Jill, it's her fantasy car, both to drive and to fix up.

After delivery and while checking out the car in more detail, she gets a shock from a shorted wire in the electrical system. But that's not the only shock, as she starts hearing a young voice coming through the old AM radio during a coming storm. The voice begs her to come and save him, and she knows where he is, but how can he talk with her through the radio?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

SMOKE AND FEAR by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Michaelis cannot remember his real name, nor how he came to be a valet for the schoolboy son of a powerful magician who rules with an iron fist. Phantom wisps of incense and narrow glimpses of memory are all he has, until he chances upon a family secret which only compounds intrigue. What might his young master Abel know of his amnesia? What binds him to the Wensleys? And why does he, a simple valet, know fragments of magic?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

OFFICE GAME by Lacey Harper

When Laurent’s sexy executive assistant Adriana sets up some very naughty strip poker rules, he agrees to play along. His ultimate fantasy is to get her naked, wet and spread wide. As the clothes fall off and the cards heat up, he decides to find out just how far she's willing to take the game. Will she let him shove all in, or will she bust him out of the game?

Price: $2.99


The Founding of Temin is the first of a series of short stories about the world of Temin and the supernatural entities that watch over it. This first story is a myth told by the followers of one of the three highest beings: the Masters. It details those followers' beliefs about how the Masters first came across Temin, and how they came to live there.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-8/31

FIRE by Jordan Reece

He's handsome, stacked, rich, and sexy . . . but is he a demon?

When the agency sends out its two best procurers to retrieve a moscalo demon, Reveille and Jamison have no idea that Lachlan Baughan is going to be anything but a routine gig. Both half-faeries, they can only determine ancestry by having sex with their targets.

But things don't go quite as planned. Is Reveille playing Lachlan for the spell she needs, or is Lachlan playing her?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1

THE SWORD, THE DRAGON, & THE LIE by Alice M. Roelke 

All her life, Lisbet's red hair has held her back. Unlucky red hair was enough to keep any man from wanting to marry her. Now it's enough to make the people in the next village try to throw her to a dragon. But Lisbet isn't about to go without a fight—and she may just learn something about herself and her heritage along the way. Including that she had a relative she never knew about.

Price: $2.99, free 8/30

SHE CHOOSES DEATH by Ryan Stauffer

An unnamed woman, presenting herself as a simple yeoman, approaches the gate of a castle. Having waited until dusk, while the king's most loyal allies paraded past, she hopes to enter unchallenged into the great hall. Instead, the most observant of the guards senses her deception. Forced to silence them all, she attacks with lightning precision but wreaks no more violence than she must. Finally inside, she bears with her into the king's banquet hall a message of warning and doom.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


"Raging Against the Machine" is a story that will make you re-think the nature of our modern society and your legitimate place in it. Is freedom real, or just an illusion? Are Constitutional rights worth protecting, or is the Bill of Rights just Orwellian double-speak? What does it take to push a normal citizen over the edge and turn him into a freedom fighter raging against the Machine? This short story takes you onto urban streets into a blinding snowstorm and into the bowels of the city's storm sewers as the Urban Yeti dispenses justice in a world gone mad.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Want to learn how to become a force of nature, as unstoppable as a hurricane? This short piece weaves in my personal experience of dropping out of high school to hike the Appalachian Trail and learning how to hold on to the life lessons I've since learned.

Approximately 2000 words of motivational get up and go. There may be cursing, too. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-8/31

NO ORDINARY DEATH by Krista Murray

For as long as she could remember Tempest could communicate with ghosts. She's never met one like this before. 

Rachel has more in common with Tempest than it first appears. Rachel's story gives her answers she didn't even know she was looking for.

Price: $0.99


A succinct discussion of how the ancient pyramids of Egypt and how they can solve all your management problems. Make no mistake, the Egyptians were excellent pyramid builders, and here, for the first time, Otto von Fussbuggler shares the secrets of these mysterious structures, through an absorbing yet thankfully brief exploration of how large piles of ancient stones can be relevant to YOU and YOUR management skills.

Price $0.99, free 8/30-9/2

HOW TO PICK A PEN NAME by Prof. Reed Laiter 

A light-hearted approach to creating names for your characters, How to Pick a Pen Name includes resources for two hundred thousand names, plus links to online name creation resources and suggestions for just winging it. Prof. Laiter has been doing this for nearly eight hours, so he clearly knows what he's talking about!" This is his first ever publication attempt, and wound up going in a much different direction than Prof. Laiter ever anticipated. I'm already looking forward to his next book, "How to Pick Your Nose". 

Price $0.99

VAN HELSING'S LAMENT by Angelic Rodgers

What really happened when Van Helsing entered Dracula's lair in search of the three temptresses? Who were they and what was their true role in the story? Not only does this bonus story fill in those gaps, but learn more about Olivia in this prequel to the novel, Blood Sisters.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


You’re getting a puppy! Want to save thousands of dollars by learning cost saving tips that keep you saving and tails wagging? Puppy Love on a Budget author, Tally Wags, will use her personal experience, along with help from her new pup, to show you ways to budget in that first year of puppyhood without compromising quality or care. Ready to save big? Step inside the pages of Puppy Love on a Budget to see how you, too, can get more bark for your bite!

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Learn premier weight loss secrets from the wise and wonderful feline philosopher, Confucius Cat. Includes bonus belly flattening tip. Hint: involves purging. 

Five stars from Sissykins Fluffybottom: "This is the best book I've shredded all year." 

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


By day Lisa Patrelli assistant manages the popular fast food joint McKillian's. By night, she lets another clientele have it their way: whips, chains, with a side of extra bacon. When Lisa is random approached for a "date" by a bumbling, but not totally ugly man, she falls prey to every white girl's weakness: tequila. This is why you should never drink before you play with your food.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


A young oak tree living in the suburbs attempts to rally her neighbors to fight against incoming construction workers, who look to clear the space of trees in order to build a new parking garage. Using only her understanding of revolution, the tree grapples with finding ways to thwart the humans, while growing steadily frustrated with how she is working alone. Will the oak find a way to save her suburban street oasis? Or will her enemies join forces with her friends to take her down?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

23 MINUTES by Zoe Wood

Rowland Morse is not an ordinary teenager, although he may seem like one. In some ways, he's too normal – even though he practices piano two hours a day, he still plays at the level of a beginner. Just one thing makes Rowland different from the rest: ever since he was little, he's been able to master any skill for about 23 minutes. For 23 minutes at a time, he can be a master chef, a professional artist, an opera singer, even a brilliant pianist. But as he develops this unusual ability, he may not be prepared for what he finds out – or who he meets...

Price: $0.99


The Starving Artist Cookbook is written by Lia Anderson, star of C. A.

Newsome's Dog Park Mysteries. Inside you'll learn her strategies for
staying healthy on a budget. Explore her favorite recipes for one,
including Pond Scum Smoothies, Easy-Peasy Ceviche, and Raw Chocolate Fudge. Learn how to peel an avocado and open a young coconut. A must for the health-conscious kitchen!

Price: $0.99, free 8/30 & 8/31

STORMSINGER by Stephanie A. Cain

Captain Arama Dzornaea thought she was just supposed to transport Crown Prince Vistaren Doth'Mara to meet his contracted bride. As the king's top privateer, she thinks she can handle anything. What Arama doesn't anticipate is storms out of season, an unruly stormwitch, and a strange witchery echo that puts Arama, her ship the Dawn Star, and everyone aboard smack in the middle of a mystery.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Characters from Misty White’s various stories—Canni from “Buzz and Bunnies”, Tammy from the Catati stories, and Kintah from the Corps space stories—all implausibly meet, order Starbucks, and learn things about each other that, perhaps, they’d rather not know. (A crack!fic of about 4400 words.)

Price: $0.99

AT THE OFFICE (UNDERCOVER) by Colette Rasmussen

The first book in a 15-part short stories series. Someone in Chicago is brutally murdering escorts, and Detective Victoria Matthews is assigned to the case. As a rookie detective, Tori is trying to remain professional at the office, but her sexy partner Adam Reyes is taking her focus off the case. It’s going to take all her skills to balance her job and her partner. Can she find the killer before he finds her?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


A quirky and hopeless young woman recounts the spectacularly awful rise and fall of her first love, as she discovers the truth about sex, religion, life, and herself, interspersed with memories of all the other boys who shared her heart for a short time. For fans of contemporary stories of first love and growing up, "All the Other Boys" is rich in voice, darkly comical, truthfully disappointing, and ultimately triumphant.

This is a stand-alone SHORT STORY at 5600 words (about 20 pages).

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1


A new town, a new job, and a new home. Tilda is looking forward to moving into her new rented house, not least because of the cute guy she spotted living next door. After a stressful run-in with his crazy ex, Tilda is no longer quite so sure that she’s picked the right place to live. When the music starts blaring at 2am, she realises that her cute neighbour is an antisocial jerk. Or is he?

Price: $0.99


Animosity has built up over the years, and Rose may finally have a chance for retribution at the annual Christmas party.

Price: $0.99

SWEET TOOTH by R.M. Huffman

A short urban fantasy. Physicians often spend nights awake, up at the hospital caring for patients. On most occasions this doctor is no different, but on Halloween, his nocturnal activities take on a different hue...blood red.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1


Amelia jumps at the chance to go to Antarctica to study male emperor penguins. But her research takes a dangerous turn when she ends up trapped in a cabin with a man who doesn't seem to be quite human any more. Find this, along with 4 other stories of weird woe, in this short story collection by New Zealand blogger Steff Metal (, along with an excerpt from her upcoming novel, At War With Satan – a tale of love, redemption, and heavy metal that is part Paradise Lost, part Wayne's World.

Price: $0.99


Looking for a simple, effective way to seduce your man? Cynthia Greenwood knows the one sure fire technique that will work every time. Guaranteed. 
It's so simple it will make you laugh ... all the way to the bedroom.

This 1900 word self-help guide is author Cynthia Greenwood’s first nonfiction publication.

Warning: Adult 18+. Language & Sexual Content. Categories: Self-Help: Sexual Instruction; Humor: Adult

Price: $0.99, free 8/30

STORM OVER SAN JUAN by Stewat Felkel

When I enlisted into the Rough Riders I never expected to die at San Juan Hill. I definitely never expected to be resurrected by a Hoodoo priest to fight an ancient evil storm goddess bent on destroying America. But here I am. Dead. But still fighting the good fight. Battling witches, storms, explosions and ancient gods. Its a good thing I have a foul mouth and a sarcastic attitude to see me through. Hang on to your hat it's gonna be a wild ride.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Ever wonder how real authors make their magic? No, they don't do it through hard work and dedication; that's just a stupid myth we tell the newbies so we can feel superior to them. The best writing actually comes from the last place you'd ever think to look. Buy my book and find out how to truly reach your potential. Old lady Hemmigsway will help you blast your way to writing superstardom!

Price: $0.99

LOVE, WAR, AND A BULLDOG by Suzan Harden

Emerson O’Malley, a were-bulldog, has been trapped in his canine form since the day he was born. Even worse, the likelihood of him losing his virginity is zero. But when he rushes in to rescue three nymphs, he pisses off the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who curses him into human form. Does he take advantage of his one night with the woman he loves or does he save Los Angeles from the goddess’s wrath?

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/3

KILLING TIME by Leighton Buzzard

When the President of the United States puts a multimillion-dollar bounty on a man of conscience, Saturday Jones—a man without a conscience—is the perfect person for the job.

Cunning and cruel, Saturday scripts an audacious public hit before an auditorium full of witnesses. As the pieces fall into place, the only obstacle left between Saturday, the murder, and the money, is his best friend and business partner, Din Mayo.

Unbeknownst to Saturday, Din has been tapped to find the killer and foil the plot. Now the two friends are locked in a game of cat and mouse, with an honorable man's life and a king's ransom hanging in the balance.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/1


In this Pocket Change guide, the author distills the complexities of love and life to a few simple rules that unlock the mysteries of the opposite sex. The tone is fun and conversational, but the challenge is real and rewarding. Learn the three characteristics of winners, the two principles for success, and the one sentence that explains what men and women want. Dig into your pocket for some spare change. You can buy a new life for the price of a candy bar!

Price: $0.99


Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest boobs of them all?” The queen doesn't like the answer, and decides to kill Slut White, the current proud owner of the biggest tits in town. But Slut White won't die so easy: She has particular oral talents she will put to good use to survive. Short story, only for adults.

Price: $0.99


Consider me a motivational speaker. Put down the cheeses burgers bitches! We have too many fat authors and we need you to live longer so we can continue to read your books. So get off your fat asses with me and get in shape! I want you all to be around for a whole lot longer.

Price: $0.99


An explosion. A train crash.

One person holds tight in anticipation of what's to come.

And then quiet, and fire; isolation.

As the survivors congregate and share their stories, an explanation begins to emerge, one that suggests something more insidious than the event itself, and that puts more than just their lives in danger of being lost.

Price: $3.16, free 8/30


If you're reading this it either means I succeeded brilliantly, or failed miserably. Today is February 13th, 2050. Tomorrow is going to be a big day and I want to leave a record before I go into it.  A record of what happened to the world and my part in it. Either I live as a hero or die as the first sacrifice of many. 

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


Working in an office is not like high school or college. No one gives you lessons on how to behave, so this short guide gives you the top 20 things you should be aware of before starting a new job.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30


My name is Josef Finch. I just woke up in a nightmare of the past. Somehow I've shifted out of place and time. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my St. Louis apartment. Now I'm being interrogated by German soldiers during WWII.

Price: $0.99, free 8/30-9/3


The story of Ivan and Ilya is a new short story written in the classic style of fairy tales. Ilya, disgusted with the man she is to marry, runs away from home and is kidnapped by a gang of thieves led by Ivan's father. While trying to escape, she traps herself within a magic teapot. Will Ivan figure out the riddle and rescue her in time? (For the faint of heart: On a Disney-to-Grimms scale of violence, this story gets a “moderately Grimms” rating.)

Price: $0.99

THE SUMMONING by E.A. Summoner

A torch in hand, backpack containing an Ouija board and candles. Andy finds himself in a cemetery in the dead of night, on a mission. A mission to Summon.

Little did he realise someone had beaten him to The Summoning, with results that'll stay with him. Forever.

Price: $1.49

FACE DOWN ASS UP by Justin Credible

Warning: You will become aroused.
I take no responsibility in making you change your wet panties.
Alcohol, erotic sex, trouble, and shit I can't remember on a road trip.
I have some of the most mentally disturbed people who are my good friends.
Together on our journeys we had some amazing times.

Price: $0.99


From the fertile mind of Constance Weeder come these gems of literary brilliance. These as yet untold stories contain humor, romance, derring-dew, triumph, mystery, sublime humanity, and tragedy in equal parts. Read them here before hundreds of thousands of other people! (Or they go into the slush pile.) Enough cannot be said about Ms. Weeder's stories...

Price:  $0.99


A talking cat and an ogre. A miller's son and a princess. People think 

they know the story of Puss in Boots. They would be wrong. This is the 
real story.

Price: $0.99

THE HUNGRY by N.M. Martinez

Twenty years ago, the world ended and no one will discuss it.

Rebecca, a denizen of one of the protected cities, volunteers to join the courier service in order to see out what is beyond her city's fence with her own eyes. Is she prepared for what she will find?

Price: $0.99


A collection of fast, easy, and healthy, recipes inspired by the world's best chefs.

If you're like me, you have a bookshelf full of cookbooks that never get used.

I've decided to finally crack the spines of those lonely cookbooks and come up with my own inspired versions with an emphasis on healthy ingredients and simple straightforward instructions.

You'll be cooking meals your entire family will enjoy!

Price: $0.99


33 poems that sound good but will leave your head scratching looking for 


Price: $0.99

FALLING TO PIECES by Esther Spurrill Jones

A man tries to deal with the horror of a zombie outbreak.

"Jerome held his breath, pressing up against the side of the deserted building, praying to whoever or whatever might be listening that he wouldn’t be seen, wouldn’t be heard. Groaning and shuffling reached his ears, heralding the approach of the hordes of undead."

Price: $0.99


When a globe-trotting, spiritual man of the people is invited to bring his message to a rougher part of his home town - Glasgow - the fun starts, and the legend grows.

This is a Short Story, length approximately 2500 words.

Price $0.99, free 8/31-9/1

I THINK I'M IN LOVE! by D.B. Childs

What happens when you meet someone new and fall in love?
Do you immediately notice their cute little quirks and eccentricities?
The author takes you on a tour of his one true love's playful mannerisms.
Follow a tale of a man who embraces his companion's unique and endearing traits.
Then follow him as that embrace loosens…

Price: $0.99


Bubble baths are great, but what if you could make bathtime five time more amazing? This sneak peek at the upcoming Ultimate Bath Book does just that. Each bath experience within will thrill all five senses -- including music to listen to, snacks to nibble on, the best scents and scrubs and sights for each one -- and give suggestions on the best authors to read in each bath. From the Glow-in-the-Dark Bath to the Ultimate Luxury Bath, this book will result in the pruniest fingers you've ever had, guaranteed. Includes recipes for fizzy bath bombs, bath oil, salt scrubs, and more!

Price: $0.99 cents. Free for my birthday 9/6. 

WORKMAN'S COMP by Bryan Higby

What will a mad man do to get his workman's comp?

David Wachowski is a horrible employee. Paul Vernon, the foreman for the Denny Corp, Wachowski's boss hates him. He has spent seven years trying to get rid of him. When a young Mormon, Ted, arrives from Idaho Vernon believes that he has found the answer.

When the plan goes wrong and Wachowski calls Vernon out his scam the boss snaps and attack's Wachowski. So ignites the match that explodes with porn, violence, and gun-fire.

Price: $0.99


Daveed said...

My contribution, "Ghosts on the Way to Gray Lake" is free from 8/30 to 9/3.

Unknown said...

Joe, you have inspired a whole load of people!

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Unknown said...

My one, The Art of Procrastination by Isle Doitlayter, is free today and tomorrow.

Joe, thanks again for the tremendous fun, and the learning experience, that this challenge has been.

Canine Master said...

Thanks for doing this! My book, How To Walk a Dog, is free throughout the weekend. Already over 180 people have downloaded it in various continents.

Looking at all the entries, I must say I am very impressed. Time pressure and a challenge sure increase creativity!

Daveed said...

I forgot to add a thank you to my comment above. Doing that here. Thank you for kicking my butt into gear on a story that had been wanting to be written, Joe.

Rambling Took said...

Thank you so much Joe, I hope to do this again REAL SOON! Great sense of achievement!

Random said...

I'm so bummed I didn't find out about this "Challenge" earlier. I rushed to get mine done in time, but alas, I was too late.

If anyone's interested, here's my late submission:

Total time to produce: 3 hours 50 minutes

Laura VanArendonk Baugh said...

ZOMG -- my challenge book SMOKE AND FEARS is #18 in free Historical Fantasy and it hasn't even been posted to the blog yet!

Thanks, Joe -- this was not only a lot of fun and educational, but a nice boost, too!

Unknown said...

Congrats to all who did it. I didn't try an upload to amazon until 7pm last night - big mistake!! But I now know how to upload my material (that I never think is ready) to amazon. so I want to thank Joe for that and give a huge congratulations to those who completed. Thanks again joe for letting me have fun with my writing - I'm always so critical of myself but with this I went back to the little kid trying to figure out who to give my "book" to (stapled pages with crayon colored cover)

Awesome challenge and awesome blog

Donna B. McNicol said...

I had so much fun doing this, picked a genre I'd never worked in children 9-12) and it inspired me to start a 7 book series which will get merged into a bull with an eighth, closing chapter.

I would never have tried this without your push. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a variety! Though with all the submissions you got back betcha won't make that offer again. Thanks for doing this. I've been laughing all day.

Patrice Fitzgerald said...

Unbelievable!! The covers alone are (mostly) impressive... and to think the text was written, edited, etc. in that space of time. Boggles the mind.

Now, authors, you have to let us know if you sell/give away any. Some of these titles are pretty enticing. And some are... not.

Congrats to all who made the effort!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, my book (The Founding of Temin) isn't even on the list yet, and it's already started giving away some copies. I have to say, though, I guess the Children's Short Stories category has some pretty slim pickings if selling one copy (to a friend) and giving away four is enough to get it to #30 on the free list there. XD; I'm almost curious about what'll happen when (if? Man I hope I sent to the right email!) the book gets on the list!
Thanks for starting this challenge, Joe, it was a ton of fun!

Anonymous said...

IN THE PREVIOUS POST: I have the best timing! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Joe!

Lois Lavrisa, umm I mean I. M. Wright

Karly Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks again Joe, for having us all on! What an awesome community feeling! My book is also free today /tomorrow (Negatives by Karly Kirkpatrick).

I can't wait to do this again!

John Erwin said...

Thanks, Joe! I know how tedious it has been for you to upload all of this to your blog. Good Karma to you!

Sherrie Giddens said...

Thank you for all of your time and effort on this project. I know you didn't have to do it, but I am so glad that you did!

Tim Myers said...

Loved seeing How To Be A Real Writer by Bess Seller here! By the way, it's free August 30 and 31, so enjoy! There a lot of books I'm going to check out myself!!

Thanks again, Joe.

Angelic Rodgers said...

Thanks again for this awesome experience, and I'm glad I didn't screw up the instructions :) "Van Helsing's Lament" is free through the weekend (a full five days).

I'm gathering a great pile of stories to read and review, too, so this is really exciting!

Geekus Maximus said...

Horror Stories From A Computer Tech is free today and tomorrow (8/30 - 8/31). Grab a copy while it's free and save a dollar.

Thanks for the shoutout, Joe. Much appreciated.

Geekus Maximus VII

J.R. Pearse Nelson said...

Thank you, Joe! This illustrates your philosophy of keeping one hand stretched out to help other authors on their way up. You're a rock star!

Darren Kirby said...

Thank you, Joe for all of your inspiration and truth-telling. As someone else mentioned, you didn't have to do this, but its so awesome that you did. There are a lot of talented writers out there, and this list just scratches the suffice. Congrats everyone!

Confucius Cat said...

Thank you for the opportunity to be on your fantastic blog with my book, Confucius Cat's Top 10 Diet Tips. Your hard work is appreciated.

JA Konrath said...

I'm uploading these in the order received. Taking a break, still have about 40 left.

Jordan Reece said...

Thank you, Joe! I never would have written my pervy demon erotica short story Fire without you!!!

Unknown said...

Joe, Thanks for doing this. I've had The Starving Artist's Cookbook in the back of my head for too many years.

Alice M. Roelke said...

Thank you for doing this, Joe! I learned a lot and had fun. :) I doubt you'll ever do it again, so I'm glad I got in on the fun this time! :)

Zelah Meyer said...

Thanks again for doing this!

When I started, I really didn't think that I'd be able to do it, so it was a great feeling to hit publish!

Books2LoveReviews said...

Poor Joe,

Bet you didn't expect this many people to take up your challenge!

My non-fiction piece, So You Want to Write and Sell Your Book? (by I. Will Helpzer) will be free on 8/31-9/1.

I had no idea I could add that to my email :)

This was fun to do, and my thanks to Joe for the inspiration.

Can't wait to spend a day getting all these to see what people can come up with in under eight hours!

Krista Murray said...

Thank you so much for doing this, Joe! It was exactly the push I needed.
It was so much fun to do a story start to finish in 7 hours. And to find out I could!
For anyone interest No Ordinary Death will be free 8/31-9/2 (didn't know it wouldn't show up as free until midnight. D'oh!)
Thanks everyone!

Unknown said...

I look forward to downloading as many of these as I can tomorrow, and to reading through them all, eventually. I'd start now but it's nearly 1am here in Ireland and I am so tired that I am nearly ready to fall off my chair :p

Thanks again Joe!

Cora Buhlert said...

Again many thanks for doing this, Joe. Looks like you inspired a lot of us. The variety of the books produced is fascinating. I already read some and look forward to trying many more.

JA Konrath said...

It was an 8 hour ebook challenge.

It took me 10 hours to upload all the winners.

If I missed you, or I made some error in your listing that you can't live with, shoot me an email.

Alex Sturm said...

Oh God! You must be smashed Joe. All I can say is thanks the boost to my confidence has been awesome and badly needed.

Lacey Harper said...

Thanks Joe for the challenge, for posting "Office Games", and for being an inspiration to writers!

Edward M. Grant said...

Thanks for all the work! Most people would have made their excuses and stopped hours ago :).

Mine's not there, or maybe the email went into a spam bucket somewhere. I'll resend it.

Traci Tyne Hilton said...

Lol! I think you need an assistant! But thanks again for this challenge, it was buckets of fun, and I think I speak for all of us when I say being featured on your blog, even as "Lattice Stockinette" is pretty darn cool. :)

York Lord said...

Thanks Joe! You have waaay too much time on your hands.

Martin OHearn said...

Thanks for the inspiration and for this follow-up, Joe. And I'm impressed, authors.

Tsunami of Swill: Secret of the Ebook Crapnado by Charles Deckins is free on Amazon through Tuesday, September 3.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the inspiration to do something for the sake of it. And thanks for all your hard work putting this post together! You deserve a beer. Or two. Maybe three. Definitely three.

D.W. Hirsch said...

Joe, you are an inspiration! I downloaded a bunch of books because, like others, I'm curious to see what someone can do in 8 hours. I didn't make it in time for the challenge blog post, but I know I will! Who knows...might be a good exercise for my writers group. Thank you.

steve/ D.B. Childs said...

Thanks for all your efforts and hard work in helping new authors realize their potential. The 8 hour challenge was just the kick in the pants that many of us needed.
Much appreciation to you for spending the whole day uploading the links to all the winners of that challenge. I'm sure a great number of these authors will be publishing many new works in the future. All thanks to you.
Good luck to all the authors with your new projects! Now go out there and do some bragging! It is well deserved.

…and if you are so inclined, check out my book and leave a review. I'm looking forward to feedback. ;)
(there may be a typo or two, which I am in the process of fixing)

Suzan Harden said...

Joe, I definitely owe you a few drinks for doing all this extra work if we ever meet in RL. Thanks!

(My donfirmation is 61 winedine. LOL)

Lara Martin said...

I downloaded all of the free ones (I'm broke and Amazon is not cool on the whole 'pay you Tuesday' thing). I just finished "So You Think You're in Love" and laughed out loud. Funny! Looking forward to working my way through the rest of them.

Unknown said...

Thanks! SUCH a fun project!

Cyndi Faria said...

Joe, Thank you so much. These titles and author names are fantastic fun!

And thanks for posting "Puppy Love on a Budget" for me. Tally Wags

Free 8/31 too. And currently #3 in Dogs category. :D

Unknown said...

Hi all,
I've reached No. 1 in my Amazon categories!
Over 300 units downloaded during the free period which is due to end soon.
Colour me excited!

Thank you to all for your support!

Read about it here:


PJR said...


Thanks! You have shifted things for a lot of people - yet again. And to sort the monster publishing admin blog on are a total star!

So, everyone, you did it once and many books are going free over this weekend/into Monday. Shouldn't you be writing and publishing a sequel (free, or not free?) asap, ideally to catch the wave...?

Come on...another 140+ ?

best to all - most especially Joe!


Isabel Dare said...

Thank you so much, Joe - this was a ton of fun and a real inspiration. And you're a trooper for putting up all those books with covers and everything, it must have taken ages to put this post together. Kudos!

This is the first time I've ever made a story free on Amazon, too, and this morning I'm ranked at #507 Free in Kindle Store. Very cool.

For anyone who's going through the list to pick up some new reads this weekend, Confessions of a Courtesan will remain free up until September 3rd!

Kathryn Goldman said...

To paraphrase Skeeter Davis, "I'm a reader, not a writer. I kinda like it that way . . ." What a great way to find the work of writers I haven't read before. I'm going to download and read as many as I can. I hope my Kindle is up to the task. Good job everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Konrath. Thank you for putting my book on your site. When I woke up today there were balloons on my computer saying great job because you are showing people my book. I am the luckiest 12 year old in the world!
Love, MK Brattican.
PS My Grandma says hello.

Chris Redding said...

Wow. Thanks for doing this. It was fun, but it has also given me some ideas for short books to write in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just bought most of the free books (if that makes sense) and I shared each purchase on Facebook to support the many authors who participated and wrote their little hearts out!

I am sooo looking forward to being entertained, scared, taught, and whatever else all of you may do to me!

If anyone is interested in exposure, please feel free to contact me via email and I will read your book and feature you on my blog.

Thanks, everyone! :)

Carradee said...

Thanks, Joe! (Misty White here.) I needed that kick in the pants, to remind me that efficiency IS possible. Appreciated. :-)

David Gearing said...

This probably goes without saying, but thanks for the exposure and the challenge! It was fun...a lot of fun and it forced me to go places I wouldn't normally go with my writing. It doesn't hurt that my book has also broken the top 50 (#31) in humor and #67 in romantic comedy. Who knew I could write romantic comedy? :P

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to actually break down and actually learn to format an ebook for Amazon (up to this point, I was just doing Smashwords).

Unknown said...

Downloaded and enjoying reading many. Good job all, especially Joe. You da' man!
I'll be proud to be amongst you if Amazon ever releases CARJACK KIDNAP out of "Draft Mode". Story about how K9 detective solves mystery of a missing endangered child.
Looked at many titles to see how y'all categorized them, a key success element. So much to know, so little time to learn it!
From incomplete research here's what I found. Congrats to those climbing the ratings ladder.
• Walking Dogs #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Animal Care & Pets > Dogs > Training
• Puppy Love on a Budget #2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Animal Care & Pets > Dogs > Training
• Love, War and a Bulldog (Bloodlines #5.5) #71 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure
• Killing Time #9 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers > Mystery > Police Procedurals
• The Millennial's Guide to Office Life: 20 Apparently Necessary Tips #4 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Business & Investing > Careers > Guides
• INSPIRED! Fast, Easy, Healthy Recipes Inspired by the World's Best Chefs #6 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Quick & Easy and #7 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Cookbooks, Food & Wine > Special Diet > Healthy
Why? Is it because of the Free? Cover? Topic? Category? We may never know for sure.
In the Konrath spirit of sharing, it would be nice to know some revenues derived from these specific titles after 1 mo, 2 mo.
If authors emailed this in, $$s as of Oct 1, Nov 1 we might learn something (realizing there are multiple variables affecting sales $$$.)
Joe - Before you partake of strong adult beverages and utter *&^@#** at me for this suggestion, (more hrs of work) I would be happy to set up an email addy just for this and compile a spreadsheet for us by titles. Maybe we only publish the top 25-50 earning titles )to protect the egos of us in the bottom 150.
We've all learned so much from your willingness to help us, Joe, by sharing wisdom you've gained and blogged.
If yes, I'll email you with a plan.
Your forever grateful disciple...Jeff Ezell

John Erwin said...

I downloaded a boatload of these and plan to post reviews on Amazon as I get them read. Writing and publishing "Raging Against the Machine" in under 4 hours confirmed something I have long know intellectually but have a hard time putting into practice: my writing is a lot better if a turn off my internal editor and just let the words flow, then worry about polishing later. Imposing a strict time limit on the first draft works wonders.

hollis shiloh said...

I sold approximately 11 copies before the free period. 656 people have downloaded free copies so far. There are still a few days yet of the free period.

One person left a lovely review! My story is currently #724 free in the Kindle Store, #4 free in Gay Romance. Yesterday it reached #3 at one point.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded!

Personally, I would love to see someone make a forum or site for this to become a monthly challenge. I think we'd continue to learn and grow as writers.

It's just a thought. I'm not quite brave enough to volunteer!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hollis Shiloh...I would love to do a blog like that! I emailed Joe asking for his blessing. I'm hoping to hear from him. :)
~Patty McPhatty~

Cindy Carroll said...

I want to add my thanks to Joe for doing this. You've created a monster. :) I have no less than six ideas swimming in my head for similar challenges. I might even try to do this at least once a month. Maybe make it a 24 hour challenge so I can get more research done first.

I want to also put the challenge to my writing group and see how many of them are up to it.

Wendy Bridal's book - Wedding Dress Shopping - A day of "fun" is still free until midnight PST tonight.

Currently it is
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Weddings

And it was #6 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Relationships > Marriage

Unknown said...

Hey Hollis and everyone else. I received Joe's blessing and started a blog for everyone to do this again! Yayy!! Check it out here...

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Joe, without this nudge, I would never have published my first book. It was fun to write a memoir piece: Mom, Star Trek and Las Vegas.
Now I want to do another one. Thank you for reminding us all about that passion. Diana Hirsch