Thursday, October 06, 2011


I have screamed into the wind for a long time.

Screamed so loud, some have heard me.

But I'm tired of screaming.

I'm taking a hiatus from blogging for an indeterminate time. This indiestry (just coined that term) is sustainable without me.

However, I am going to open up this blog to writers, and let other people do the screaming for a while.

If you'd like to write a guest blog, email me your piece.

It has to be about sharing what you've learned about publishing. Blatant self-promotion won't win you a spot. Neither will praising me, shameless sycophantic behavior, or posts focusing on you and your books.

Describing your writing journey, whether you're experiencing success or failure, is what will be helpful to readers of this blog.

That's what I'm looking for. Sure, you can slip in some links to your book. But I want you to show what you're doing, and explain if it is working. Shoot for under 1200 words. You can be confrontational, or funny, or even act like a dick, as long as it is real.

I'll read everything emailed to me, but I'll only respond if I'm interested in running your piece. My lack of response doesn't mean you suck. It means I'm overburdened and can't post everything I'm being sent. Don't bug me asking if I liked it, or if I'll use it. I'll use what I use.

As for my loyal readers, I'll be back. Eventually.

In the meantime, I want you to take my place. Do what I do. Preach what I preach. Or preach the opposite of what I've been saying, as long as you back it up with logic and evidence.

Show me, and the world, whatcha got.


Jim Kukral said...

Thanks for leading the charge for so long JK. Hope to have you back soon.

Eric said...

Joe we will miss your comments. I do totally understand about wanting to take a break.

May you find rest, peace and get a lot of writing done. ;-)

JA said...

If anybody deserves a break, it's you! I started reading your blog years ago, drifted away and started again one year ago. I started publishing short stories in January and will finish my first novel next month. Thanks for the constant inspiration Joe!

Jake said...

Thank you Joe. I can only imagine the toll it takes 'shouting into the wind' with the sheer volume of idiots, assholes and SOB's.

Like the kid who said 'hey that Emperor is buck naked! (and ugly too!)' I suspect you have taken more than your fair share of beatings.

But like that kid, you are right. And it needed saying.

You have had a profound impact on more than you know.

I suspect 2, 3 - 5 years from now there will be a generation of best-selling Authors that credit reading this blog and say 'his words inspired me to bypass that corrupt & insane world'

now go get drunk, make an ass of yourself at a party, blow a snot-bubble laughing at Python or stand in the 10 & under line with 17 items

whatever it takes, re-charge as we'll be waiting for you when you are ready

Sean Thomas Fisher said...

Thank you, Joe!

Loretta Giacoletto said...

Joe, if you hadn't posted your eBook experiences at Backspace, I wouldn't have had the courage to try e-pubbing myself. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. You've earned a well-deserved sabbatical. Yesterday I purchased "Thriller" and can't wait to start reading it.

D.G. Hudson said...

We have heard you, Joe. That screaming into the wind has made all writers think about the alternatives in publishing.

Enjoy your hiatus, everyone needs some space now and then.

SBJones said...

We shall stand on the shores to Avalon and await the kings return!

Anonymous said...

Ack! No! Don't go! I owe you so much sycophanting. It's you who made me see the light about self-publishing.

Well, maybe I'll email you my piece on why I'll never have to write a query letter in my life (all thanks to your reasoning and experience, but I won't say that). lol

David Gaughran said...

Enjoy your break Joe, everyone needs one from time to time.

Just make sure you come back. Those heads will still need crackin'.

I wouldn't have self-published but for you beating the same drum over and over. If you have a thick skull like me, it takes a while for the message to get through.

The next load of writers still need to hear your message, so don't be gone for too long!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm bummmed. I so enjoy reading your blog!

Enjoy the break.

JA Konrath said...

The next load of writers still need to hear your message, so don't be gone for too long!

I'd love to have a guest post from you, Dave.

Also, as an experiment, I'm going to tweet links to my older blog posts. I bet the blog stays active, even if I don't have to say anything.

J. R. Tomlin said...

I'm sorry to show shameless sycophantic behavior here, but you'll be missed Joe.

I think everyone understands why you need a hiatus though. You've given a lot to other writers, and sometimes you need to stop and take care of yourself and your family. I hope you eventually decide to get back to posting but whatever your choices, I wish you the best.

Nancy Beck said...

You've been coming out with posts nearly every day, so it's no wonder you must be fried.

Enjoy your time off.

And thanks for this blog. It was one of the ones that helped me decide to self pub. :-)

I'd consider sending a guest blog, but I'm worn out from my day job and just don't have the mental strength right now.

J.L. Murphey said...

You have help spearhead the revolution. Your candor and downright screaming in the wind has been an inspiration to many.

I understand the need for the hiatus, but will also miss your voice of reason.

Come back soon.

Spencer Smart said...

Hi Joe, enjoy the break! I've been reading your blog for over a year and it's the reason why I've been sitting here today working through the second draft of my first novel.

It will join my two self-pubbed non-fictions on Amazon in just under a month. Your sane wisdom and foresight will be missed.

I will try and get a guest blog together for the site - I owe it to you.

Thanks and take care!

Mark Edward Hall said...

You have certainly been an inspiration to me, Joe, as I know you have to many. For those newbies out there who haven't yet heard your message, they will, with or without your presence on this blog.
Keep on keeping on.

Stephen Knight said...

Thanks for all the fine work you've done and the discussions that work has engendered, Joe. Like a lot of folks, this blog was one of the major tipping points for me with regards to "going direct", as it were. Hope you can come back soon, but if not, we'll keep the home fires burning.

Dan DeWitt said...

But...but I just got here! It never fails. I start reading a blog, and the owner soon calls it quits for an indeterminate amount of time. It's like my mutant power.

Anyway, I'll be here when you get back, Joe. Your advice is typically spot-on, and your delivery is often hilarious. I'll do my best to keep your blogging spirit and justifiable snark alive!

David L. Shutter said...


Clearly you enjoy the debates but I couldn't argue the same points repeatedly as you've done, not how some have contested them.

Lot's of blogs out there on the future of publishing and "how I found Kindle success" but there isn't one like yours that ties the whole landscape together in one enjoyable place for new indie authors. Thanks as always.

I've given myself a Black Friday deadline to have my Novella uploaded with tie-in marketing for an upcoming novella and first novel. If the process or my results are worth talking about I'll shoot you a piece on it.

Enjoy those cold ones and the chasers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you've written here!

David Gaughran said...

I'd love to have a guest post from you, Dave.

Great. I'll email you.

Rex Kusler said...

I don't agree with you all the time on everything but I'm pretty fickle. I do believe I fell into a pile of success due to posting comments on your blog and your mention of me a few times over a year ago. For that I'm grateful. I plan to get stinking drunk tonight and write something insane (that's how I write my novels). I'll send it to you before I fall out of my chair. If you don't put it up--I'll just put it on my own blog which nobody reads:

Claude Nougat said...

Have a nice vacation (I hope that's what you're having!)...but I can just imagine that you're going to be flooded with so many offers of guest blogs that it will take you more time to read and select than writing one yourself...

Oh well, maybe not! All the best and hope to have you back soon.

TheSFReader said...

So long, and thanks for all the Fish, Joe.
Would you welcome a guest post from reader ?

Joe Flynn said...

Thanks for the opportunity to submit a guest blog piece. Just e-mailed a nutshell version of my life in writing.

I.J.Parker said...

This is not good. I don't like it one bit.

Craig said...

I don't agree with everything you say but you'll be missed.

Rex Kusler said...

Or maybe I'll just watch the game.

Milton said...

Milton: My boy Konrath can eat fifty eggs!

Konrath: Stop...feeding...on...ME!!

David L. Shutter said...


I'll betcha more people are reading your blog than mine...;)

Go ahead, bet me, I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! A smart man knows when he is ahead.

Jude Hardin said...

This has been the best blog for writers...ever.

Thanks for all the great posts and discussions, Joe. Enjoy your break, and we'll look forward to hearing from you again.

Derrek said...

Thanks for all the great posts Joe and all of your encouragement for fledgling writers like myself. I'll miss your posts, but I do look forward to reading posts from fellow authors.

Sabine A. Reed said...

The publishing world is not going to be the same without you screaming your bit. Don't disappear. Do it once a week, or less. But stay in order to raise the flag for the self-published authors.

JA Konrath said...

Bravo! A smart man knows when he is ahead.

A smart man knows when it us time to take a break from all the pinheads.

William J. Thomas said...

I'd love to see guest posts from Joe Kimball or Jack Kilborn. I bet those guys have some original stuff to say, and some unique stories to tell about their writing journeys. Too bad J.A. won't be around to point/counterpoint with them...

Brett Henley said...

Well deserved ... sometimes you need to pass the baton and let someone else scream/write into the vacuum.

Thanks for opening those doors a bit wider for us all. Enjoy the vacation, I'm sure there will be much to write about out in that wild blue.

As far as a guest post ... on it.

Phillip Thomas Duck said...

I would say enjoy the downtime, but I suspect you'll be writing. Best to you.

JPK said...

I love it, Joe. Thanks! Letting us put our money where your mouth was. I just hope you're not getting all soft on us now...

Grittyjefferies said...

I would love to read a post from David Gaughran. He knows his stuff.

Ellen Brickley said...

Sorry to see this Joe, as I always enjoy your posts, and your honesty, and your desire to help others.

Hope you really enjoy your time away and that you come back refreshed.

DanneGirl said...

Time away is always good. Have fun or don't that's up to you! We'll be here when you're ready! In the meantime I'll be writing. Because that's what writers do right? Take care :)

Rex Kusler said...

It's better to scream into the wind when you're breaking it. That's what I've noticed anyway.

jimmy gordon said...

But Joe, no one screams like you do.

Wayne McDonald said...

I've spent the last month reading through the blog from start to finish and I appreciate all the work you've done.

Posts from others on their successes or failures might help some of the undecided though.

Robert J. McCarter said...


So many thanks are due for all you have done here. So thanks, enjoy the break, and looking forward to seeing what you choose from others to put up here.


Thinkhappy said...

And off we go...hope we do you proud! I'm writing a blog and sending it tonight.

Melissa Foster

Jessica L. Tate said...

I enjoy reading your posts about the publishing and writing world. I'm going to see if I can come up with a guest post idea for you. Thanks for the opportunity.

Douglas Dorow said...

Thanks for a great blog. I've been following since I met you at the first Thrillerfest in Arizona a few years back.

This blog or your ideas and thoughts, along with the active participation and discussion, make it a must read for any writer trying to decide what to do as they pursue the path to publish their writing and finding readers.

It's been great. You've taken breaks before when you needed them. I look forward to your return, refreshed and full of new ideas to be discussed.

I bet the blog stays active, even if I don't have to say anything.

It was worth saying the first time, some people just didn't hear it, so saying it again wouldn't hurt.

Good luck and thanks!

Luis Vila said...

You will be missed good sir. I would be honored to write a piece for your blog that can only hope to match a fraction of the passion and love you've shown for this industry.

Jon Olson said...

Dude. Don't go.

Jon Olson
The Petoskey Stone
The Ride Home

Anonymous said...

Leaving lurk mode to say thanks. You, Rusch, DWS convinced me to self-pup my book. I made tons of mistakes on it so it's not selling but it was still a good experience.

BTW you thoroughly trashed that guy on the terribleminds blog. Actually I could not believe you were wasting your time with them. Criticizing you for being mad at making 22k instead of 150k or not being polite is ridiculous.

Anyway thanks for this blog. You're a fountain of knowledge and an inspiration.


Renee said...

delurking to say Thank you. I really in enjoy reading your blog. Reading about your experiences, along with the other writers who have guest posted here has been really helpful to me. Hope you have an excellent break.

Marta Szemik said...

Those are some big shoes to fill. I hope you'll be back soon as you are a WEALTH of knowledge. Thank you for pointing the way.

Victoria said...

Awww man, I'm gonna miss your rants.

May you write many stories!

Author Scott Nicholson said...


Who will we follow?

I'm skeeered.

Summer said...

Are you truly taking a break Joe, or just doing some intensive Monkey and Frog research?

Be The Monkey!!

Thank you so much for shouting into the wind so loud, for so long. Your voice truly was heard loud and clear by this particular author. I am proud to count myself among Joe's Junkies. ;-)

I look forward to your return with great anticipation.

Summer Daniels
author of Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control

Anonymous said...

Damn. Apple has lost their Steve Jobs, now ours is taking an e-sabbatical? Rats.

I'm e-pubbing my books because of this blog. Hope to have great results to share!

Billy said...

Damn. I just joined. Oh well, lots of past blogs to catch up on anyway. Have a great break!

Anonymous said...

I comment rarely but have found this blog to be my first stop each day as I seek motivation and inspiration to continue this journey we writers all pursue.

I'll add my thanks for your dedication to illuminating the way for so many of us now and in the future.

My decision to indie publish was highly influenced by both the wisdom and uncommon sense of your blog AND the excellent comments and contributions by your peers and blog followers.

I haven't put up my first work yet, but the decision to do so has already been made.

I've even had a taste of the debate over the merits of self-publishing with other writers who don't yet see the light. My frustration with just a few other legacy leaners was huge; I can't imagine the powder keg you must be having dealt with hundreds of them for so many years.

So many people are so averse to change that at some point what can we say to them if they don't get it?

In the end, we may only be able to say I told you so.

David L. Shutter said...


You should do a guest blog on how your first release is faring.

Having taken the plunge you're 2.5 steps ahead of lots of us here. Your input's invaluable.

Love your cover for Summer's Journey BTW. Spicey.


Chris Moran said...

As a person who wishes to some day actually write a book or even long story that people would value as worthy of a read, I enjoy reading your posts and am sad at your hiatus. My creative output has never been about money - I prefer to give away my music (electronically) to any and as many people as think it's worth listening to and ebooks are precisely what a person like me wants. Someone like you, making a living from them and fighting FOR them is making it just seem so much more attainable.
I have always had a mistrust of middlemen who are not themselves creators of content... I hope you continue the fight (and shouting) sooner than later.

Dave said...

Quick everyone! Race you to Dean Wesley Smith's blog!

Mike Fook said...

I'm guessing you'll be back before 2 months is out. You couldn't wait that long. Chances are there will be something urgent you have to say - whether it's about a new development somewhere, or something you just realized that needs said.

Anyway, I'll get something together here and send it your way - hope you dig it.

- MF

Donna said...

I'm having a spaz attack. Just started reading u a few wks ago. You inspire me. You speak the truth. You totally rock my writing world. Please please just relax, put ur feet up as u write, and come back to us soon. (snif)

Yuwanda Black said...

Man, you will be so missed!

But boy do I understand where you're coming from. I did this same thing a few years ago with my freelance writing blog -- and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Can't wait until you return, but in the meantime I look forward to reading guest posts from others (hoping that many have your biting wit and sarcasm -- it truly is priceless (and encouraging at the same time)).

Enjoy your break -- and the upcoming holiday season.

Yuwanda Black said...

One more thing, re:

"I bet the blog stays active, even if I don't have to say anything.

That'll be the day! :-)

All it's gonna take is one bone-head "establishmenter" to say spout some nonsense, and I'll be headed over hear to read your "guest appearance" on your onw blog!

MGalloway said...

Hmmm...I wonder if you'd run a piece written by someone who has been self-publishing longer than you have (back before Kindles even existed). I'll see what I can throw together on short notice...

Enjoy your break...

Sean McCartney said...

I am going to miss your comments Joe but I am looking forward to the next Jack Daniels novel.
Would you consider a D-List YA author who is slwoly gaining a following? I will put something together.


Anonymous said...

Bummer, dude. JMH/RJJ (Denver)

S. A. Engels said...


Oh, you guys are sooooo gullible. Do you really think he's gone? Do you really think he's "given up" speaking on his passion, his MISSION?!?! Really? This is HIS blog. Think he won't be monitoring HIS blog?

He'll be here. Lurking. Spying. Commenting as 'Anonymous' when some 'pinhead' brags about his triple digit check from one of the BIG 6. He won't abandon the movement. He can't. It's in his DNA to call out the idiots and draw attention to the details WE ALL are missing. Chillax, y'all.

His blog, his history, his legacy is here. Go back in time for inspiration and read his blogs. Early. Middle. Last week. Build that confidence you really have inside and do it. Instead of doing nothing, DO SOMETHING!

He'll be watching.

Rocky Cole said...

I'm hoping this break means that you are off writing some more killer books.

JA Konrath said...

So far I've gotten over sixty requests for guest blogs.

Apparently this self-pub thing is working for you guys., :)

David L. Shutter said...

He'll be watching

Oh, of course! You dont have to be Captain of the debating team to spot the deliberation junkie. Just finished reading through the whole (and I guess infamous) Terrible Minds Blog exchange. He's definitely a "get the last word" type.

On some blog, somewhere right now probably, a messenger hater is saying "Thank god, we get a break from that f%$@ing Konrath guy and all his disgruntled anti-Big 6, pro E-pub propoganda!"

And he's scratching his neck incessantly right now.

But I totally understand the break. Am not surprised. He's mentioned deadlines, new works in progress and of course his two-book, multi 'short a year' formula. All while Kindle sales are about to mulitply this X-mas.

That's a lot of hot irons to hit at the same time.

Which reminds me...back to work.

Archangel said...

may you write a lot in the ways that hit the mark for y ou Joe. Will look forward to what you run, will look forward to you coming back.


Stuart Carruthers said...

Thanks for all your fantastic advice Joe. It's helped in giving excellent advice for seasoned and virginal authors alike.

I'll miss your words of fire.

Kiana Davenport said...

Joe, here's a favorite quote from Philip Roth.

"I need to write. I need to be on call. I'm like a doctor and its an emergency room. And I'm the emergency."

So go and write your heart out! We'll keep the fires burning. Love to you and Maria and your kids.

Mark Asher said...

So far I've gotten over sixty requests for guest blogs.

Apparently this self-pub thing is working for you guys., :)

According to Bezos there are over one million Kindle books for sale, and I believe he said that doesn't count the public domain books.

Phil Hall said...

The messenger may be gone, but the message is not forsaken. We heard you, Joe. We know what you've been trying to do (educate folks.) And to an extent, I, for one, have been trying to do the same. There's been more than one time I just linked to you and let you say what I wanted to say but you did it far better than I dared try. So, thanks for that.

Rest, write, recoup. Then return with a vengeance, and know that we remain, and carry forward as best we can, the torch you entrusted us.

Patricia Preston said...

Don't stay gone too long! Will definitely miss your posts.

Ian Martin said...

Well, damn and fuck it! This is most inconsiderate of you. I was hoping to engage with you at some stage on the subject of overcoming obscurity. But if you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, I suppose. You probably won’t be gone for long, though, considering the size of your ego and your contumacious nature.

Rex Kusler said...

I didn’t get around to writing a blog post of my own because I’m too lazy and the line is too long, so I’ll just post it here:

The successful writing journey is a long one, and can be tiring. So you’ll need to stop and rest along the way. If you stop and rest at the rest stops in California, bring your own toilet paper—because there usually isn’t any.


ADBBingo said...

Can't you just see if Eisler will lend you John Rain to "take care" of the pinheads for you ? You have your own stable of creepy killers to choose from, but I would guess you would look for plausible deniability.

This blog is my first stop for a good read each day. Enjoy the hiatus, but please do come back once you've gotten your fill of all that actual writing for money stuff.

And I trust this means we'll have more Konrath books to read, which will take the sting out of a blog hiatus.

Gerhi Feuren said...

"So far I've gotten over sixty requests for guest blogs."

I bet. But how many actual posts have you received so far?

I'll send you a post which will probably push it over seventy - but if you don't publish it then I'm going to publish it myself.


JA Konrath said...

But how many actual posts have you received so far?

Over a hundred. Plus promises for more.

I'm guessing I could easily have a new guest blog every day until the end of the year.

JA Konrath said...

Can't you just see if Eisler will lend you John Rain to "take care" of the pinheads for you ?

LOL. I don't hate the pinheads. I just need to take a break from repeating the same things and refuting the same memes.

As the joke goes, there are a lot of people on the internet who are wrong. Right now, pretty much the entire publishing industry is wrong.

I need to step away from crusading for a while and let time and other writers prove my points for me.

Sempra said...

Don't know here you stand on the issue, but it looks like someone is trying to make a quick buck out of your name.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea Joe. It's no longer only you who believes. It's all of us and more. It's time we started opening our pie holes.

This blog saved me from being an idiot.

For now, chill bra.

Mahalo, Ty

Summer said...


You should do a guest blog on how your first release is faring.

Having taken the plunge you're 2.5 steps ahead of lots of us here. Your input's invaluable.

Love your cover for Summer's Journey BTW. Spicey.


Thanks Dave!

I will put something together regarding my journey although since I write erotica I'm not sure how well my experiences apply to the wider spectrum.

In some ways it is indeed all about making a name for yourself and as Joe so eloquently put it "don't write crap!!"

I think that applies no matter the genre.

Working on a guest blog for Joe - we shall see if he deems it worthy.

It sounds like there certainly is no shortage of authors interested in submitting a guest blog.


JA Konrath said...

The best way to fight obscurity, Ian, is to become really, really famous.

PL Melton said...

Discovered your blog a few months ago, and for this unpublished writer (at work on a suspense novel), your blog has been informative and inspirational. In previous incarnations I worked as a bookseller and a publishers rep, and your take on the future of bookselling has the ring of truth to me. Hope you're back regularly before too long, or can even see fit to touch base once a month or so.

Katie Cramer said...

A thousand thanks Joe. Since discovering your blog my world - and perception of publishing - has changed forever.

I've been published many, many times and still get commissioned a lot for magazines. When I was writing my fist novel I was all set to go the traditional route as it's all I've ever known. Since coming here there's no way that's going to happen now.

In just one week of reading your blog I've scrapped Plan A and started gearing up for an ebook future. I'm both terrified and giddy with excitement. Thank you for showing me the future. The old model is broken and isn't worth fixing.

Enjoy your break and thank you for everything.

Thomas Pryce said...

vast thanks for your efforts over the years. enjoy your break


Lori said...

don't blame you at all, but want you to know your blog has been an inspiration and has given me a lot of encouragement as i started on this self-publishing journey. if things continue to work out, i'll be sending you my story one of these days.

happy that you are going to keep publishing indie stories on your blog. they all work together to tell the story of what's really happening - something you just don't see anywhere else. you see guessing, you prognosticating, and you certainly see a lot of raining on the big parade, but YOUR blog is where we can read real stories about what's really happening now. thank you!

JA Konrath said...

Thanks for all the thanks.

Kathleenshoop said...

How dare you be so self-centered and go ahead and take care of your own needs!!!

I will miss this place so much! Like cheers without Coach and Diane--it'll still be good but not the same at all. You have given an amazing chunk of information and experience to the publishing world and a huge piece of yourself in doing so. I am so fortunate to have listened to what you know! It has made my first book very successful--thank you.
I can't wait to read all the posts and hope you have a great break.

Ian Martin said...

Thanks for the gold nugget, Joe. I'll put it up my ass in case anyone tries to steal it.

Todd Trumpet said...

Frankly, I think someone just needs more time to count his eProfits!

Enjoy, Joe.


Lucas Nicolato said...

Did anyone notice KDP reports now have an "AMAZON.FR" option?

CC MacKenzie said...

De-lurking. Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before?

Thanks to you and a couple of others, I'm about to leap into the abyss. Will keep you posted on how I get on.

You've done what the label said on the box 'A Newbie's Guide to Publishing' - Time for the 'Newbies' to get with the programme and spread the message.

Keep writing and keep trucking. All the best.

Mike Dennis said...

See you when you get back, Joe. Enjoy your time off.

Christopher John Chater said...

First Seinfeld, now this.

Misty Dietz said...

Another lurker coming out to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You - mostly you, anyway - changed my entire perspective. I will be self-publishing my first novel in December. Enjoy your break; you deserve it! :)

Kannan said...

Have a good break Joe! I am grateful for your blog...Thanks to the excellent information and inspiration I found here, I am no longer wasting my time knocking on the doors of agents and publishers "hoping" that one of them would give the book a fair "chance."

It has been extremely satisfying to finally get the book published; and the response from the readers have also been very good. Although I haven't sold that many "yet," I remember the statement from your blog "Self published books last for ever, and forever is a long time to make the book known". So I am positive that word of mouth will eventually catch up.

Best wishes!

Selena Kitt said...

Don't underestimate yourself, Joe. You may be surprised how many people read not just for the message but because it's being delivered by a particular messenger. But I do understand the need for a break. Just think of all the extra writing you can get in! :)

Karen Woodward said...

Wow. I'll miss your posts, Joe. I'm glad you said you'll be coming back.

Thank you for starting this blog, for the years you've invested in it, for your passion, your clear thinking, your advice and, most of all, your wit. Sometimes nothing gets a point across better than a good joke.

I changed my opinion of indie publishing because of you, because of the arguments you put forward in your blog. It didn't happen all at once, it took a few months, but I kept coming back and reading and thinking and you got through to me. I'm a published writer now, selling copies of my first book with another in the works, and all because of you and this blog.

Thank you.

Archangel said...

like Selena said... "You may be surprised how many people read not just for the message but because it's being delivered by a particular messenger."

Stephen Leather said...

Was it something we said? :-)

Steven M Moore said...

Hi Joe,
I hope you're back soon. You and Eisler convinced me to adopt the eBooks paradigm.
I have long been a conspirational curmudgeon in my own blog, especially when it comes to attacking the traditional establishment of publishers (most of my blog posts are op-eds, though). However, I do hope agents, for example, can retrain so they can continue to use any marketing knowledge they have in more productive ways--I'd hate to see them add to the numbers of unemployed!
Thanks for the inspiration and common sense...and hurry back!
All the best,

Summer said...

Was it something we said? :-)

I think it was something that Anony Mouse guy said - he was a cheeky bastard.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the hard work. It was very much appreciated.

Oh, and for those who would like a chuckle, I did a deconstruction of a post by Mike Shatzkin on my site. I had to, Mike was so wrong, in so many places. Much to my surprise, I drew a response from Mike himself.

And he just doesn't get it.

Oh well...

Futurist Prediction: Four years into the ebook revolution: Publishers are Lost in Space

Marilyn Peake said...

Thanks for screaming into the wind! Many writers have heard you. Enjoy your hiatus. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe! You may not realize it, but countless writers heard what you had to say. We're are silent block, who don't comment much. But we here, and busy writing and making $$ from our hard work. You sounded the call that sent many of us into action. Old manuscripts and shorts were dusted off. We felt hopeful and re-edited them. Found places to e-distribute and watched in amazement as our books began to sell. Thanks for the advice and wisdom.

Thinkhappy said...

Yes, cool deal. I'm in.
Melissa Foster