Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Jeff Strand decides to leak the story and tell all...


William J. Thomas said...

Awesome! He revealed about exactly as much as you did!


wannabuy said...

Timeline? One novel or multiple short stories?

Tell us something! Before we spread rumors that the vampires sparkle. ;)

Seriously, for $2.99 and that list of authors, give me a link and I'll buy already!


Mark Asher said...

What was the point of that interview? Simply to drive traffic to his website? Maybe a "Visit Jeff's website" might have been a bit nicer.

Seriously, I knew it was probably a bit tongue-in-cheek by the "reveals all" bit, but I feel a bit cheated by that come on.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I'd love to do a review of this ebook on my Digital Spotlight Fiction Review blog when you guys release this.