Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Celebrating Alcohol

I just heard from my editor at Hyperion, who informed me that they're running a contest to coincide with the release of my second novel, Bloody Mary.

Here's what she forwarded:

Our contest with went live on Friday, July 1 and we've had a great response so far! To be eligible, readers must respond to an excerpt of BLOODY MARY online and also say their favorite cocktail.

Grand prize winner will receive a travel bar kit, a signed copy of BLOODY MARY and a copy of WHISKEY SOUR. 10 runners up will receive signed copies of BLOODY MARY.

View the details here:

Contest is currently advertised on the Book Reporter homepage and in their newsletter.

This came completely out of nowhere, and I'm pretty pleased.

Since I'd like to encourage my publisher to keep supporting me in this fashion, I ask everyone who reads this to click on the link and enter the free contest, even if you already have a copy of Bloody Mary---you can always donate it to the library, or make a buck on eBay.

I've already entered six times...


Anonymous said...

OK, so I entered the contest. And I read the first chapter. Good stuff, nicely done. But I gotta tell ya -- that Bloody Mary recipe is weak, mon, weak. It lacks two key ingredients: 1) Fresh lime juice. 2) Horseradish.

Not to say that I wouldn't swig it in a pinch.

David J. Montgomery said...

I hope I win!

Unknown said...

Done. And that prologue blew me away. It creates so much tension and mystery that you're compelled to read the rest of the book no matter what it's about.