Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Last Blog Post

Over three years ago, I did a blog post about successful self-published authors, and how many of them tried out self-publishing because they read my blog.

I ended the blog post with this offer:

You hear that, NY Publishing? You truly want to slow the growth of ebooks?

Shut me up.

I'm willing to be bought off. Pass around a collection envelope, like you do for employee birthdays. For a million bucks, I promise I'll never blog about ebooks, or help another writer, ever again.

Since that post I've written several hundred more, encouraging authors to self-publish while explaining, in excruciating detail, why legacy publishing wasn't a wise choice.

I'll never know how many people I've impacted with this blog, but more and more authors continue to leave legacy publishers behind and find success on their own. NY Publishing knows this. So now, after I've likely done more damage to the legacy industry than any single person in history, they've finally decided to pay me off.

You read that right. Several large publishers have acknowledged the irreparable harm this blog has caused them, and they've given me one million dollars to stop blogging.

Since I'm a man of my word, I have no choice but to comply.

I shall blog no more forever.

I'll miss posting my numbers, and fisking legacy pinheads, and extolling the virtues of self-publishing. But a deal is a deal, and a million bucks ain't chump change.

A portion of my windfall will go to my favorite charity, MechaDogs.com, a non-profit organization that makes robotic tails for dogs who have lost theirs in skiing accidents. The rest will go towards beer.

It's been a good run, and I want to thank all of my blog readers for making this blog such a harmful weapon against the idiocy of legacy publishing.

Part of the deal includes me deleting all of my previous blog posts, so if you have any favorites, you have 24 hours save them via cut and paste. Then I'm erasing everything.

Thanks for reading, and goodbye.