Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Blogging Incestuous?

These days, everyone seems to have a blog. I'm all for it. Even if the blogger is an illiterate bonehead who has nothing to say, he should be allowed to say it.

Publishing blogs seem to be on the upswing. Several NY editors and agents are blogging, their identities hidden by pseudonyms. More and more professional writers are using blogs as ways to communicate regularly with fans. Newbie authors are documenting their struggles to succeed. There's a lot of good information out there, being exchanged.

So why does it seem like the entire book blog world exists only to feed itself?

I have a blog, and I post on other writer's blogs, and then they post on my blog. I link to them, they link to me (and by the way, if I haven't linked to you yet, email me and I will.) Sometimes I'll visit ten blogs and see that the same three people have posted on every single one of them.

Now part of that may be because writers tend to know each other, and when you're on the computer ten hours a day of course you're going to waste some time. Part of that may be that writers tend to be a bit more self-important than the general population, quick to give their opinions whenever the opportunity arises. Or, it may just be one giant auto-erotic stroke job, and the entire framework of the book blog community rests on the shoulders of half a dozen men and women with nothing better to do.

If I haven't already slit my own throat here, I'd like to point out that I'm pleased with the response and traffic my blog gets. I like the regulars who hang out here (even the ones who generate debate.)

But I'd also like to know if more people are reading this than just the folks I link to.

If you read this blog and have never posted before, I'm asking you to take five seconds and post something. I've even temporarily allowed anonymous posts, so you don't have to sign up.

I want to hear from lurkers, from surfers, from the busy, the shy, the lazy, the wallflowers.

Prove to me that you're out there.