Thursday, June 09, 2016

Chasing Publishing Trends

It's never wise to chase fads or trends, because by the time you get a product to market, it may be over and you've missed the bandwagon.

Unless the product is a book and you self-publish. Then you can write, edit, create cover art, and get three books live in less than three hours.

Presenting my latest epic trilogy:

JA Konrath Adult Coloring Books!!!

Not only am I able to compete on price with the major houses, but I'm also one-upping traditional publishers by releasing these titles as ebooks as well as paper books.

Take that, Big 5!

To buy, click on the links below:

From the Introduction to the Ultimate Adult Coloring Book of Triangles:

Do you like coloring?

Do you like triangles?

You just found the perfect book!

This coloring book contains one hundred pages of triangles!

What color will your triangles be? Red? Blue? Green? Red?

You're only limited by your imagination!

So grab some sort of coloring implement, and start coloring!

Also available as an ebook!*

*JA Konrath is not responsible for loss of or damages to your electronic device if you attempt to color your ebook.

Coming soon: The audiobook versions!