Sunday, April 24, 2011


Two hundred and seventy-six thousand, one hundred and eleven.

That's how many self-pubbed books I've sold.

About 245k of these on Kindle.

20k on Smashwords,

5k on Createspace,

The rest divvied up among Nook, OverDrive, and my website.


The vast majority of this has been within the last six months. As of last October, I hadn't even hit 100,000.

So far, in April, I've sold over 30,000 books. I'll easily break 35,000 this month.

So, by Christmas, I'll have hit half a million books sold.

Of course, that's a conservative estimate. I'm releasing four more ebooks this month, have several more scheduled for the year, and I expect ereaders to keep selling as their prices keep going down. The market isn't close to being saturated.

I don't think I've really hit my stride yet.

In March, I earned over $68,000. But I know that number can go up. Other authors have earned more. A lot more.

It's been fascinating to watch how this has all developed over the last two years.

The media is picking up on it. Agents are changing their business models. I'm getting far more email than I'll ever be able to answer. Lots of folks thanking me. Lots of folks telling me they're convinced, and are going to self-publish. Lots of folks saying they already have, and sharing their successes.

This isn't just a few fringe outliers making a few bucks in a new, untested market. This is a paradigm shift. A full-fledged revolution.

If you're a writer, and haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, don't worry too much about it.

Sure, you'll miss out on making some money. But it will still be here when you're ready.