Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Love is Murder

I've given up speaking in public, doing interviews, responding to people who want my help in some way, traveling around the country signing books, and several other things I don't enjoy about my career.

I no longer require the approval of others, no longer need to help everyone reach their goals, and no longer want to spend time self-promoting to sell print books in a dying industry. I've always believed advertising is worthless, and these days I see no need for extensive self-promotion.

After all, without doing any of the above-mention things, I made over $40,000 in January. All through self-publishing.

So I've finally reached a point where I can do what I want to do, maximizing my happiness, minimizing discomfort, without having to answer to anyone.

It's glorious.

That said, I'll be making what will likely be my final public appearance for a while, this weekend.

Love is Murder
is a Chicago-based mystery writing convention taking place this weekend, February 4-6. at the Intercontinental O'Hare.

I'm doing a panel about ebooks, and it'll be the last time you can corner me one-on-one and personally pick my brain.

My panel is 11 to 12 on Saturday, and Saturday night I'm also going to be hosting a gameshow with the headliners, including F. Paul Wilson, Joseph Finder, Rhys Bowen, and other big shots. The game is called Stump the Stars, where I read sections from their books and see if they recognize them. When they don't, I publicly humiliate them. It's a fun time.

So if you're a writer in the Midwest, it's worth digging out of the snow to attend Love is Murder. Lots of good panels, the fine company of your peers, and I'm bringing a few bottles of expensive whiskey and I'm known to throw room parties.

Hope to see you there.