Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Writer's Serenity Prayer

The harder I try, the more I do.

I can't help everyone, and I have to realize that it isn't my job to. People looking for easy answers aren't ever going to get what they desire.

No one is entitled to anything. There's work, and luck, but deserve is a dangerous, unhealthy word.

I should never compare myself to others. It's better to compare what I did today with what I did yesterday. Then I can plan for tomorrow accordingly.

If I'm not making mistakes, it means I'm not taking chances.

The only aspect of my career that I have complete control over is my writing. If I don't love that, I should do something else with my time.

Everyone has an opinion. All opinions are valid. But that does not mean all opinions have to matter to me.

I can take time off and the world won't stop spinning.

The worst day spent writing is better than the best day doing anything else. Writers write. Drama queens complain.

I know that I probably won't change your mind. But that isn't my goal. My goal is to learn enough, try enough, and experience enough, so I can change my mind and be able to defend that change.

If I can live my dream and make a buck doing so, I have no right to be anything other than happy.