Friday, May 21, 2010

Kindle Teaser Chapters for Shaken by JA Konrath

Amazon has released the first few chapters of the seventh Jack Daniels novel, Shaken, for free.

If you're interested, just click on the cover for the link. You can also click HERE.

Though it is clearly marked as a TEASER CHAPTER, I have no doubt that some folks will feel ripped off because it isn't the whole book, and leave negative reviews.

I encourage you, my loyal blog readers, to download the chapter, read it, and leave a review. I'd appreciate it kindly. If this blog has helped you in the past, inspired you, motivated you, entertained you, or taught you something, then this is a great way to return the gesture.

If you don't have a Kindle, that's okay. Amazon has free Kindle applications, allowing you to read Kindle books on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad. Android app coming soon.

Here's the link for free Kindle apps.

I encourage you to try these apps, even though they take a few minutes to set up. I have a Kindle, but also have Kindle for iPhone and Kindle for PC and I use them all. They're intuitive, simple, elegant, and very convenient.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I'm causing trouble at the Huffington Post.