Sunday, May 09, 2010

Is Print Almost Dead?

I was just contacted by a writer I met at a convention, who asked me for a quote. She's doing a blog about the ensuing death of the six major publishers. Here was my response:

Publishing has been wonderful to me. I've met many terrific, smart, generous people, and if the Big 6 are indeed going to go under, I will mourn their loss.

Also, when the multitude of editors who worked for those publishers are sadly let go--including the many who have rejected my work over the last twenty years--I want them to know that I'm making a freakin' fortune self-publishing ebooks they passed on, and am in need of a good freelance editor.

They can send their query letters to me c/o my website. I advise them to keep the letter to less than a page, and to include a SASE for my reply. If they don't hear an answer after six months, it's a good sign I'm not interested, so no need to follow up with an email or phone call.