Sunday, May 03, 2009

Afraid Tour Day 17

In Savannah, heading northwest then northeast up to Richmond.

Miles driven: 3782
Bookstores visited: 142
Books signed: 1059
States traversed: 7
Days on the road: 17
Nights in hotels: 6
Gas cost: $364
Hotel cost: $401

Other costs include food, parking, and tools, which I'll add up later.

So far, bookseller reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm getting to meet a lot of cool people. I had to fly home for the Reaching Forward library conference, and signed and sold a lot of books and had a great time.

When this tour ends, the total cost for everything should be under $2000, and I'll have signed well over 2000 books and visited well over 200 bookstores.

Is it worth the time and money?

Well, it sure beats sitting on my butt whining about my sales. :)

Latest stores visited include:

Borders Orlando Airport FL

Borders Philly Airport PA

BN 213 Dale Mabry Tampa FL

Borders 909 Dale Mabry Tampa FL

Walden West Shore Tampa FL

Walden University Tampa FL

Borders Clearwater FL

BN 11802 Dale Mabry Tampa FL

Borders 12500 Dale Mabry Tampa FL

BN Clearwater FL

Walden Citrus Park Tampa FL

BN Merrit Island FL

BAM Merrit Island FL

BN Daytona FL

BN St. Augustine FL

Borders Jacksonville FL

BN San Jose Jacksonville FL

BN Midtown Jacksonville FL

BN Savannah GA

On to the Carolinas and Virginia...