Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where's Konrath? Blog Tour Day #25

To promote my horror novel, AFRAID, which debuts March 31, I'm appearing on different blogs every single day in March.

Please follow my daily journey, and broaden your blog-reading horizons.

It's a busy blog tour day, and I have over twenty more blogs I'll be appearing on in the upcoming week.

First, I'm over at April Henry's blog, So Many Books, So Little Time:

Then I'm visiting the Women of Mystery, answering questions I've never been asked before:

I pop over to Wayne Thomas Batson's blog, talking about suspense writing:

Then I hang out with my buddies over at The Outfit, where I provide one of my trademark JA Konrath rants. This one involves me giving you free copies of Afraid:

Finally, I talk about being a SAHD over at Dawn Meehan's blog, Because I Said So:

If you've wanted to host me on my blog tour, but haven't heard back, shoot me another email. I'm probably in the process of writing one for you, but it doesn't hurt to give me another reminder. In fact, bugging me will help ensure I get it done.