Friday, March 20, 2009

Where's Konrath? Blog Tour Day #20

To promote my horror novel, AFRAID, which debuts March 31, I'm appearing on different blogs every single day in March.

Please follow my daily journey, and broaden your blog-reading horizons.

It's Day #20, and I've been featured on 50 different blogs so far. I'd like to thank everyone who has hosted me, and is planning on hosting me. If you wanted to host me, and I haven't replied, try me again.

Busy day today on the tour. I start off at Writer Unboxed and reveal my secrets of self-promotion:

Then I discuss fear over at Feng Shui Assassin:

The incomparable Marshal Zeringue kindly invited me to do Page 69 and Page 99 tests on Afraid:

Joe Rixman gives Afraid a great review:

Marilyn Meredeth gives Afraid a great review:

Please remember to send me the links to your reviews so I can post them, and thanks much...