Friday, March 13, 2009

Where's Konrath? Blog Tour Day #13

To promote my horror novel, AFRAID, which debuts March 31, I'm appearing on different blogs every single day in March.

Please follow my daily journey, and broaden your blog-reading horizons.

Today I get to hang out at two of my favorite blogs. What makes them my favorites? Well, along with being informative, interesting, and continually updated, they're written by close, personal friends of mine.

First I visit Murderati, grabbing a guest spot thanks to the inimitable JT Ellison, where I talk about why blogs are pointless and why you need to stop blogging:

Then I head over to The Good Girls Kill For Money Club, courtesy of the always entertaining Tasha Alexander, and talk about the scariest thing to ever happen to you. I'm also having a contest there, giving away a free copy of Afraid:

Speaking of free copies of Afraid, remember that tonight at midnight, Central Standard Time, my 70 word short story contest ends over at Laurin Wittig's blog, Between the Lines.

We're almost at the halfway point in the tour. If you're just tuning in, I encourage you to go back to Day #1 and follow my gradual progression across the blogosphere. There are lot of great blogs out there. chocked full of great information, and part of the reason for this tour is to make people aware of them. Go now. I'll still be here when you get back.