Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tour Day 20, 21, and 22

The Backspace Conference is over, and by all accounts it was a success. If you're an aspiring writer, this is a must-attend event.

I got to spend some quality time with Barry Eisler, Lee Child, MJ Rose, Jeff Cohen, Heather Brewer, Jackie Kessler, Reed Farrel Coleman, David Robbins, Harry Hunsicker, and many other more important people that I'm forgetting due to fatigue.

I was honored to win the Bob Kellogg Good Citizen Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Internet Writing Community. Lesson to writers: help each other, and one day you'll get an award. Also helping each other happens to be a nice thing to do.

A few days ago my publicist, Charlie Davidson, carted me around New York for drop-in signings, but since then I haven't been able to do much in the way of bookstore visits, having emceed this convention. But that will change today, when Barry Eisler and I tool around town in the Rustymobile, picking up the bookstores I missed.

Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed, offering to help out. I've been extremely busy and unable to reply to email, but you'll be hearing from me soon.


Miles driven so far: 5016
Bookstores visited so far: 174
Books signed so far: 1558
Books hand sold so far: 146
Bookstores remaining: 326
Awards won: 1

And for those who want to buy signed JA Konrath books in your local bookstore, here's where I've been lately:

Joseph Beth Pittsburgh PA

Mystery Lovers Bookshop Oakmont PA

Waldenbooks 1000 Ross Park Drive Pittsburgh

Waldenbooks 242 South Hills Village Mall Pittsburgh

Borders Express 100 Robinson Ctr Pittsburgh

BN 339 Sixth Ave Pittsburgh

BN Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh

BN Waterfront Homestead Pittsburgh

BN Waterworks Pittsburgh

BN South Hills Village Pittsburgh

BN 100 Quinn Drive Pittsburgh

BN Monroeville Pittsburgh

BN Cranberry Township PA

Borders North Hills Pittsburgh

Borders Monroeville PA

Borders The Mills Tarentam PA

Aspinwall Bookshop Pittsburgh

Walden Unionville PA

Borders 1 s. Bread Philadelphia PA

Borders Express 1625 Chestnut Philadelphia

BN 1805 Walnut Philadelphia

Jay's Bookstall Pittsburgh PA

Borders Camp Hill PA

Waldenbooks Camp Hill PA

Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore

BN Camp Hill PA

Walden York PA

Borders York PA

Walden Lancaster PA

Borders LAncaster PA

BN Lancaster PA

Borders East Brunswick New Jersey

BN East Brunswick NJ

BN Holmdel NJ

Black Orchid Bookshop NY

Mysterious Bookshop NY

Partners and Crime NY

Murder Ink NY

The Strand NY

Borders 461 Park Ave NY

Borders Columbus Circle NY

Borders Express Staten Island NY

BN Astor Place NY

BN Union Square NY

BN 555 Fifth Ave NY

BN 600 Fifth Ave NY

BN Lincoln Center NY

BN 2289 Broadway NY

BN 86th & 2nd NY

BN 86th & Lexington NY

BN Staten Island

Colliseum Books 42nd Street NY

After the Big Apple today, I'm heading to Connecticut.

Onward and upward...