Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rusty Nail 500 Tour Info

I've finally compiled the list of bookstores I'm hoping to drop in on the Rusty Nail 500 tour. There are actually over 700 stores listed, because I'm an optimist. :)

For information, visit and click on the banner.

The tour begins June 29, at Thrillerfest in Phoenix. I'll return from Arizona on July 3, and hit the road July 4th, to return sometime in September.

Here's a rough schedule:

July 5 -- Indianapolis, Indiana
July 6 -- Cincinnati, Ohio
July 7-8 -- Charleston, West Virginia
July 9-10 -- Atlanta, Georgia
July 11 -- Nashville, Tennessee
July 12 -- Peoria, Illinois
July 13-14 -- Madison, Wisconsin
July 15 -- Fort Wayne, Indiana & Toledo, Ohio
July 16 -- Cleveland, Ohio
July 17 -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 18-19 -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 20-24 -- New York, New York
July 25-26 -- Connecticut & Rhode ISland
July 27-28 -- Boston, Massachusetts
July 29 -- Albany, New York
July 30-31 -- New Jersey
August 1 -- Delaware, Washington DC
August 2 -- Maryland
August 3 -- Richmond, Virginia
August 4 -- Raleigh, North Carolina
August 5 -- Columbia, South Carolina
August 6 -- Savannah, Georgia
August 7-- Jacksonville, Florida
August 8 -- Daytona Beach, Florida
August 9 -- Orlando, Florida
August 10 -- Tampa Florida
August 11-12 -- Miami, Florida
August 13-14 -- San Diego, California
August 15 -- San Bernadino, California
August 16-17 -- Los Angeles, California.
August 18-19 -- San Francisco, California
August 20 -- Sacremento, California
August 21 - 31 -- Chicago, Illinois & suburbs.
Sept 1 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

You can download my full itinerary HERE.

If you are a writer, a fan, or just a helpful person who lives in or near one of the above locations, and want to buy a weary traveler a burger, or a beer, or let him spend the night in your spare bedroom or on your sofa, email me.

In return you'll get free books and characters named after you in my upcoming novels. You'll also get great conversation, something to talk about for years to come, and my eternal thanks.

Beginning tomorrow, I will have daily updates about the tour on this blog, to let people know where I've been, where I'm heading, and how everything is going.

Please help spread the word throughout the blogosphere and the Internet! I hope to see many of you on the road!