Monday, April 10, 2006

Barry Eisler Naked!

Besides being a lawyer, a former CIA agent, and a great thriller writer, Barry Eisler is one of the most infuriatingly opinionated people I know.

What's so infuriating about his opinions is that he backs them up with a great deal of knowledge and logic, so it's nearly impossible to win an argument with him.

Want to try? Barry's brand new blog, The Heart of the Matter, focuses on politics and language, and the art and science behind both. Check it out for a refreshing change of pace from all the writers out there blogging about how hard publishing is.

Barry says: If you're interested in politics, language, and what's going on in the world, as I am, I hope you'll enjoy reading and participating in discussions on my new blog, The Heart of the Matter.

The first post, "France in Denial," about French labor laws and street protests (some of which I saw there last week while I was promoting the Rain books) is up on HOTM now; you can find it at:

Stop by and say hello and I hope you'll come back often.

Joe says: Spread the word. Barry's one of the good guys.