Sunday, April 02, 2006

Submit to Submission

You've been tinkering with a short story for a while. Maybe you aren't sure how to market it. Maybe you've never submitted a story anywhere before. Maybe it has already been rejected a few times. It's sitting there on your hard drive, doing nothing.

It's time to send that story out.

I just got a rejection. This week, I'm going to submit the story someplace else, and I encourage you to share in the submission process with me and do the same.

April 3-7 is now officially "I Submit Week." Your job is to find a market for your story and submit that sucker by Friday.

So polish it up. Make sure it conforms to submission guidelines. Write a query. Squelch the fear and self-doubt.

Then send that puppy out there.

The market doesn' t have to be a paying market. It can be to a fiction website. It can be a small publication. It can be to a contest (unless you have to pay---don't pay to submit anything, ever!)
You don't even have to have a story in mind. Five days is more than enough time to whip something up.

If anyone needs advice on queries or markets, I'll be around.

Need more incentive? I'm still working on the rewrites to DIRTY MARTINI, to be published in June of 2007.

The first five people who submit stories will get characters named after them in this book. I'll plug you right into the rewrite.

Now move your butt---your writing won't get published on its own.