Saturday, February 25, 2006

Relax, Don't Do It

Everyone has different ways to relax and unwind. When and how often do you:
  • Watch television?
  • Go out to eat?
  • See a movie?
  • Read a book?
  • Surf the Internet?
  • Play sports?
  • Drink alcohol?
  • Do drugs?
  • Attend a museum/concert/event?
  • Listen to music?
  • Sleep more than 8 hours?
  • Post on blogs/message boards/listservs?
  • Have sex (tandem or solo)?
  • Read a newspaper/magazine?
  • Go for a drive?
  • Exercise?
  • Go on vacation?

How many hours per day/week do you engage in the above activities?

And yet you can say with a straight face that you don't have time to write?

Your book won't get finished by itself. Thinking about writing, talking about writing, and writing about writing, are not substitutes for writing.

Writers write. Now move your ass.