Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not Enough Time in the Day

It's finally happened. I've reached the saturation point. I officially can't keep up with everything.

I've been wrestling with a really big trojan (the virus kind, you dirty bird), and got a few days behind in my computer stuff.

Here's my to do list:
  • Answering 362 emails
  • Visiting my Message Board
  • Updating my wesbite
  • Updating my events calender
  • Making Bloody Mary coasters
  • Finalizing content for the Library Promotion
  • Rewriting an older novel to submit under a pseudonym
  • Creating a Flash website and a promo campaign for above pseudonym
  • Judging a Writer's Digest short story contest
  • Judging the contests I'm holding on my website
  • Working on a children's book with an illustrator friend
  • Catching up on 8 blurbs I've promised people
  • Teaching a writing class at the local college
  • Reading 23 stories/novel excerpts from people who want my opinion
  • Working on two new short stories
  • Going to seven events in the next ten days

I'm not complaining at all--I just wish there was a way to clone myself so I can catch up.