Sunday, July 10, 2005

So I have a new hardcover (BLOODY MARY) and a new paperback (WHISKEY SOUR) out, and the royalty numbers won't come in from my publisher for about five months, so the only way to measure my progress is to look at my Amazon numbers and guestimate my sales by mulitplying them by 10 (Amazon accounted for about ten percent of the sales for the Whiskey Sour hardcover, and I'm using that as my base.)

Amazon is supplied by the distributor Ingram, and Ingram can be called to get weekly sales updates. (For those who want to drive themselves crazy like I am, the automated number is 615-213-6803---you can punch in the ISBN of any book and see how it is selling.)

Two questions for you folks, and I'd really like to hear from you even if you've never replied to a blog before. I know I have lurkers; please delurk and post--it's easy, fun, and good for you.

Question #1. Do you buy books on Amazon, and if so, how often vs. other places you buy from?

Question #2. Do user reviews on Amazon influence your decision to buy or not buy?

Thanks so much!